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Four students in conversation in a Sheridan Residence room

Residence Life

Residence life is an experience like no other that will stay with you for the rest of your life. You'll have the opportunity to meet new people, learn new things about yourself and others, have fun, strive academically, and become a strong and independent individual. By promoting your personal and academic growth, we extend the college educational experience beyond the classroom.

Opportunities to get involved

The best part is that you get to choose how you want to be involved. We make it easy — whether you're enjoying social activities with your friends, working together on academic projects or joining in to plan events in the building, it's all right here for you.

Being involved in residence means that your stay here will be more than just time away from home — it will be a home away from home. You'll get to know the people in your community and make connections that will last a lifetime. The Residence Life Team is here to help and guide you throughout the year, and to create new opportunities for students unlike any other.

Advantages of living in residence

More than just a place to sleep, residence provides you with the opportunity to build friendships, gain your independence and experience life on campus to its fullest potential.

There's always something going on to keep you entertained, informed, and active in the residence community.

A few advantages to living in residence at Sheridan:

  • Eliminate your commute — residence is conveniently located on campus
  • No monthly bills — Wi-Fi and utilities are all included
  • Live in a fully furnished, two-bedroom suite or *quad-style suite (*Davis Campus only)
  • Build your social network — make new friends and attend fun events
  • Enjoy full access to Sheridan's support services
  • Residence is more than just a place to stay — enjoy additional perks such as a movie lounge, games room, TV and study lounges and more

Enjoy a convenient, fun, comfortable, and safe living and learning environment. You're just steps away from class, campus labs, libraries, athletics, student services and lots of options for dining on campus, all while living among your classmates, making it easy to get together to work on projects. Take advantage of residence study rooms, lounges, cooking and laundry facilities, movie theatres and more. Residence staff are always around when you need them.

  • Programming makes residence more than just a place to eat, sleep and study. Programs give students a chance to socialize and meet new people, achieve academic potential, have new experiences, be exposed to issues of diversity and acceptance, to grow personally, build a stronger community and, most importantly, to have fun while living on campus. As students spend the majority of their time outside of the classroom while living on a college campus at residence, we consider it our responsibility to ensure that we are teaching students valuable life lessons and skills while staying with us.

    Our programming model consists of three categories:

    • Community Engagement
    • Discovery and Transitions
    • Harm Reduction

    Residence programming goals

    While programming, we focus on several goals including:

    • Developing and fostering a strong residence community
    • Providing our students with outlets to complement their education
    • Promoting self-discovery and continued personal growth
    • Creating opportunities for residents to participate in the community
    • Providing opportunities for release of emotions and energy
    • Providing opportunities for students to explore their social acquaintances and friendships

    By programming according to these goals, we hope to provide our students with a balanced, well-rounded education while attending and living at Sheridan College.

    Students can find out what events are going on each month by speaking to their RA’s, checking out the lobby calendars, taking a look in their inbox, or visiting us online. We encourage students to actively participate in as many events as they can to ensure they get the most out of their residence experience!

  • Residence Management

    The residence management team consists of Residence Life Coordinators (RLCs) and the Operations Team. They work closely together to ensure the safety and security of the building including housekeeping, maintenance, payment information, programming, resident support and supervision of all residence staff.

    Resident Advisors (RA)

    Resident Advisors (RAs) are returning students that are responsible for community-building, social and educational activities within residence. RAs are available to help ease the transition into post-secondary education and living away from home. They can advise you on academic or personal issues and refer you to the right spot to help you get the answers and assistance you need. RAs also act as a liaison between students and management and complete nightly rounds of the building. 

    Residence Services Representatives (RSRs)

    Residence Services Representatives (RSRs) work primarily at the front desk, which is open 24/7 to answer questions and address concerns. Access to certain common spaces and items are required to be signed out from the Residence front desk by providing valid photo-identification.

    Residence Council

    Residence Council is a volunteer group of students that represent the student body in the residence building. The students that make up the Residence Council become student representatives for their floors and encourage student participation in the community.

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