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Art project by Sheridan College design student

Faculty of Animation, Arts & Design

Sheridan's Faculty of Animation, Arts & Design (FAAD) is Canada's largest art school.

Internationally recognized for our outstanding programs, we train performers, animators, filmmakers, designers and artists like you to realize the full potential of their talents.

Our renowned faculty members come from the industry, which means you receive a professionally relevant education that also makes you highly employable in your field. FAAD also gives you the chance to learn the latest technologies and offers opportunities to collaborate with students from other disciplines and faculties for a balanced education. Our commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion is infused into our programs so the unique identities and talents of our students and faculty are valued and contribute to the rich diversity of our arts programs.

As a FAAD graduate, you leave with a rare combination of artistic talent, professionalism, and technical sophistication. You’ll be poised for success – and prepared to make your creativity a force for change.

4,926 full-time students
32 programs
84 alumni nominated for Emmys
19 alumni nominated for Oscars

Faculty of Animation, Arts & Design Programs

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