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Make Up Tests

Professors can set up make up exams with the Assessment Centre by following the instructions below:

1. Your student will reserve a seat through one of the following websites: 

Davis Campus Assessment Centre: www.davisac.as.me

HMC Assessment Centre: www.hmcac.as.me

Trafalgar Assessment Centre: www.trafac.as.me

When the student receives the automated confirmation email with their booking request, it   will instruct them to check the details of the request for any errors, and then to forward it to their instructor.

Their instructor will open the email, verify the request, and follow an imbedded link to a JotForm. From there, they input all the test instructions, upload the exam and submit the form. The exam details will then be automatically forwarded to the appropriate Assessment Centre.

2. Online exam instructions must be submitted through JotForm. Paper-based exam files can be attached to the JotForm, or submitted after completing the JotForm using one of the following methods:

  • In person by the Professor or Sheridan Designate to the campus where the exam is to be administered:
 Davis Campus  Trafalgar Campus  HMC Campus
 Room B117  Room BB26 Room A246 
  • By drop box to the campus where the exam is to be administered. The drop boxes are located outside of each Assessment Centre and are checked between the hours of 8:00am-9:00am daily on the days we are on campus.
  • By JotForm (if you are not on campus) exams can be uploaded through the JotForm application.

3. Exams must be submitted 5 business days prior to the scheduled exam date. This allows the Assessment Centre me to print, process, and administer exams in a timely manner. Please note that exams received from students will not be administered.

  • Email submissions are monitored Monday through Friday (excluding weekends) between 3:00-4:00pm daily. Exam files are accepted in WORD or PDF format only.

4. Professors are asked to remind students that they must reserve a seat at least 7 days in advance of the write date. There is NO fee for students writing exams with academic accommodations approved by the ALS office (e.g. accommodations which may be identified through disability or other grounds identified in the Ontario Human Rights Code).

Assessment Centre staff will remind students to take washroom breaks prior to starting their exams. However, we cannot prohibit students from leaving during the exam to take a washroom break. The Assessment Centre will record any instances where a student has left during their exam.

Students arriving late will not be permitted additional time from the original booking time. If you have any questions, please email any of the Assessment Centres listed below:

Davis Campus - Brampton - davisac@sheridancollege.ca at 905-459-7533, Ext: 5288

Hazel McCallion Campus - Mississauga hmcac@sheridancollege.ca at 905-845-9430, Ext: 2476

Trafalgar Campus - Oakville trafac@sheridancollege.ca at 905-845-9430, Ext: 8100

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