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Check for Credit Transfers

Get credit for what you know

If you’ve completed courses at another institution, you might be able to apply those credits towards your new program at Sheridan.

Use Sheridan's Credit Transfer Tool to find out what courses you might get credit for. Simply input:

  • the name of the institution where you previously studied
  • the name of the program you're interested in taking at Sheridan
  • the courses you previously took at another institution (optional)

For multiple searches, refresh your browser window/tab after clearing your previous results.


Previously Completed Courses

Input your previous institution and courses


Sheridan Program

Input your program of interest

Frequently asked questions about Credit Transfer

  • The Credit Transfer Tool is a guide and does not guarantee receiving credit transfer. There are many considerations that determine granting of credit transfer, including Sheridan’s Credit Transfer Policy and Credit Transfer Procedure.

    Our faculty members are continually updating courses and reviewing course matches in order to maintain academic quality. As a result, some matches may expire or no longer apply to new course offerings.

    Specific criteria must also be met in order to receive course-to-course credit (Advanced Standing), including minimum grade requirements and credit value. Visit myPathways for more information.

  • The Credit Transfer Tool searches for matches with courses offered at any accredited postsecondary institution in Ontario. If a course you’ve taken doesn't have a match, you'll be able to apply for Advanced Standing once you're a Sheridan student.

    If you have previous postsecondary education from outside of Ontario, you may apply for Advanced Standing once you're a Sheridan student. Full detailed course outlines will be required for a new request. The next phase of our Credit Transfer Tool will include some out-of-province schools.

    If you have postsecondary education from outside of Canada, an evaluation of transcript will be required. For more information, please visit: myPathways > Students with International Education.

  • Make sure you've requested that your previous institution's transcript(s) be sent to Sheridan College through your Ontario Colleges account. This is the fastest way for us to receive your transcript(s). Then follow the directions to apply for Advanced Standing.

  • The application for credit transfer is available to current active students who have made a tuition deposit.

    New students will have access to the online application for Advanced Standing through myStudentCentre once a fee payment has been processed with timelines as below:

    • Fall semester: July
    • Winter semester: November
    • Spring/Summer semester: March
  • Before you apply for for Advanced Standing, it's important to take into account the impact that a successful application will have on your academic and financial status, particularly if it affects your course load.

    • Advanced Standing will be awarded for the semester in which the application was submitted. If Advanced Standing is granted, it may fulfill future term requirements. You're advised to review your academic requirements page in your myStudentCentre account.
    • Dropping to part-time student status could impact your ability to access OSAP funds, bursaries and other forms of financial support. If you have questions about the impact to your funding eligibility, please email Financial Aid & Awards at
    • You will not receive a refund for courses where Advanced Standing has been approved.
    • When applying for Advanced Standing, you're advised not to drop courses until approval has been granted by Sheridan.
    • If you're granted Advanced Standing after the fifth day of the semester, you won't be able to add a new course to your timetable to replace that course.

For more information on credit transfer, see the frequently asked questions for pathways and transfer students.

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