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Moving In and Out

Moving into Sheridan Residence

Move-in day information for the Academic Year will be sent to all accepted students in August. This will include the move in date(s), hours, schedule, and logistics behind moving into residence. A map of the campus will also be provided to help you get around and get you into your residence room smoothly.

A parent session will be held on move in day and attendance to the parent session is not mandatory, but is offered to provide parents & guardians with information about residence and helping their student succeed.

Community meetings will be held on every floor as well by the Resident Advisors (RAs) of each floor. The community meetings provide important information to all students regarding living in residence, and it is also a great chance for each student to meet their floor mates.

Move-in day is very busy!

We do all that we can to ensure a quick and smooth move in process for all students, and we recommend the following when preparing for move in to help students get into their rooms as seamlessly as possible!

  1. When packing, use the Move In Checklist as a packing guide – we’ve compiled a list of the essentials for you!
  2. Pack using plastic storage bins with lids (not boxes/open containers) - these are a great way to store items in your room and the perfect way to move into residence. Plastic bins have handles, and this will make moving your belongings easier as we do use the stairwells on move in day!
  3. Clearly label each of your bins with your first and last name - it is also helpful if your number your bins, this way you can unpack with ease and ensure nothing is missed!
  4. Dress for the occasion – we promise you will have time to show off your new school clothes once classes begin, however on move in day we recommend running/closed toed shoes, and comfortable shorts/pants/t-shirts - trust us!
  5. Do not bring U-Hauls & Trailers on Move In day – we ask that students refrain from the use of these large vehicles on move-in day. They very hard to maneuver through the busy traffic loop, and the essentials you will need in residence will fit into a standard sized car – we promise!
  6. Bring only the essentials on Move in day – It’s very busy on move in day and it’s very hot in August. If you plan to go home for the October long weekend, this is a great time to bring some items you did not bring on move in day back to residence, to make move in day go as smoothly and quickly as it can for you!
  7. Don't bring furniture items - Residence offers all the comforts of home, all you need to do is decorate your room with accessories to bring out your personality, and furniture is much too hard to move in with the hustle and bustle of move in day!
  8. Don’t buy everything in advance - we suggest that students wait to purchase certain non-essential items to bring until you’ve spoken with your roommate, and also see what is needed in the suite.

Moving out of Sheridan Residence

All students are expected to leave the residence 24 hours after their final exam/project OR by 11am on the last Saturday of the semester, whichever comes first. Specific move out dates and instructions will be communicated to residents well in advance of the residence move out days.

Students that require accommodations past the last Saturday of the semester and would like to request an extended stay must complete a Move Out Late Form, available at the residence front desk or by visiting our documents drop-down menu here. Please be advised that all requests are not guaranteed and must be approved by Management and are subject to an additional fee.

After Move Out, all suites will be inspected for damages and cleanliness before the security deposit in the students account is returned to them. Please see the Move-Out Checklist for details on how to ensure your full deposit is returned.

If a resident re-applies for residence before Move Out day, their security deposit will transfer to the following term and another deposit is not required. If the deposit needs to be replenished due to damage or cleanliness charges after leaving their old suite, the student will be notified.

If a resident is not planning to return to residence, their security deposit, less any charges for damages, will be returned to their home address in the form of a cheque address to the student within 6-8 weeks of their move out date.

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