More than just credentials

The best postsecondary education provides both academic knowledge and personal development.

In our constantly evolving world, you know you need both to give you the confidence and ability to thrive in whatever career, and future, you choose.

That’s why your Sheridan education is about so much more than a credential.

It’s been deliberately designed to nurture your personal development and growth through a model that we call S-Sense.

What is S-Sense?

S-Sense is a program designed to help you become more resilient, confident and able to adapt.

The S-Sense program gives you access to innovative technology and experiences that will support your journey.


S-Sense is characterized by how we Think, Relate, Innovate and Evolve (T.R.I.E.)

These are skills that will support you on whatever path you choose, and that employers will deeply value and admire:


Your ability to think — to be open to new ideas, to welcome new perspectives and to recognize biases. To challenge your own assumptions and think critically in every situation so you’re flexible and able to adapt.


Your ability to relate — to understand your own emotions, and to empathize and connect with others who have had different experiences. To give and receive feedback in a way that’s constructive and empowering.


Your ability to innovate — to come up with new ideas but also to take risks, to fail and move forward. To look for solutions in unexpected places and to be open to different approaches.


As you develop these skills, you’ll begin to see how important they are and your desire to continue to evolve — in work and in life — will grow. With reflection and self‑awareness, you’ll face the future with confidence.

“When faced with complexity and uncertainty, S‑Sense practices help us see ourselves, others, and the situation in more expansive ways, opening us up to different ways of thinking, relating, and innovating. This helps us discover new parts of ourselves, our capacities, and ultimately, our potential.”

– Cherie Werhun, Associate Vice-Provost, Human Development and Potential

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  • In the Age of AI, Students Need to Develop Their Self-IntelligenceMar 21, 2024 | Harvard Business Publishing Education
    Cherie Werhun, Associate Vice Provost of Human Development and Potential at Sheridan College shares five ways educators can help cultivate these uniquely human skills.
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