A hallway at Sheridan's Hazel McCallion Campus

Financial Fitness Series

Many students at the postsecondary level have entered, very quickly, the world of financial costs, responsibilities, planning, spending, debt, credit cards and so much more. Most will not have had any preparation in public school for these financial challenges and responsibilities — a situation we hope to change going forward.

To help cultivate financial confidence among our students, Sheridan’s Financial Aid & Awards Office partnered with the Canadian Foundation for Economic Education (CFEE) to deliver a series of workshops that we called our Financial Fitness Series.

While these workshops are no longer running, we encourage you to watch the recordings from the Fall 2023 sessions below. Please note that we are not able to provide CCR credit for watching these recordings.

Workshop 1: Living a Financially Healthy Life (Passcode: 7^nUd7cZ)

Workshop 2: Understanding Personal Income Taxes (Passcode: 2vf@N$K&)

Workshop 3: A Newcomer's Guide to Canadian Finances (Passcode: dHF71=$8)

Workshop 4: How to Pay for School (Passcode: M!T3d.i&)

Workshop 5: How to Manage Debt and Credit (Passcode: f%K$ma4t)

Workshop 6: Getting Started with Investing (Passcode: +7jb+M.W)

Workshop 7: Building an Investment Portfolio (Passcode: m+J2w7!8)

Workshop 8: Investing in Alternative Asset Classes (Passcode: 1&5jdEWq)

Workshop 9: Preparing for the Future of Work and Your Career (Passcode: zo&Fd*9U)

Workshop 10: Buying Your First Home (Passcode: #KVax^d3)

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