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The Well Series

At Sheridan, we offer a unique education that is focused on individual transformation to help you prepare for your future.

Sheridan's Well Series is a collaborative initiative designed to help you succeed! Our goal is to prepare you for each step on your academic journey, from pre-arrival readiness, through the key transitions in your studies, and building your experience and confidence as you prepare and launch your career.

Dive in and explore all that the Well program has to offer.

Transition Well

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Begin your Sheridan journey with a series of one-on-one peer connections, topic-specific workshops like financial aid, and supportive orientation activities to ensure your transition to Sheridan and your program is smooth and informative.

Start Well

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Designed to prepare you for the Sheridan learning environment prior to the start of your first semester, the Start Well workshops and modules help you brush up on academic skills, learn to navigate the online course platform, meet new classmates and boost your college readiness.

Arrive Well

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Build the foundations for your success in Sheridan’s learning environment with Arrive Well. These interactive modules will familiarize you with the Sheridan community, identify available learning services, and build key discipline-specific academic and interpersonal skills to set you up for success.

Learn Well

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Complete self-paced modules embedded in one of your program’s first-semester courses to learn quick tips for academic success and impactful learning strategies that will set you up for success. These modules will help you at Sheridan and we offer a certificate when the modules are completed. Also, all first-year students are enrolled in a virtual community on SLATE (your online classroom environment) that is led by helpful and approachable tutors and student facilitators.

Work Well

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Get support as you embark upon your career. These self-paced modules will take you through self-discovery, career development, and networking strategies needed for the world of work regardless of whether you are new to the work force, returning to work, or seeking a career change.

Graduate Well

Graduate Well will guide you through the requirements for applying to graduate, attending convocation (including guest tickets) and determining your next steps after graduation. If you are here on a study permit, there is a guide and resources for how to apply for a post-graduation work permit. Going into your chosen career field? Want to continue your education? We have you covered with tips, strategies, and information for how to start looking for a job or your next program steps. Lastly, keep connected with Sheridan through alumni and check out benefits and discounts.

To learn more about the Well Series programs, please access your student portal, Sheridan Central. All you have to do is log in with your Sheridan student or applicant credentials.

You can also check out the Well Series Curriculum Map for more information.

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