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How to Apply

Get help with your application

Your application process will vary depending on the program you're applying to and your particular pathway into Sheridan. Before you apply, review the steps you need to take and the requirements you need to meet to ensure a smooth and successful application.

Step 1: Find your program

Sheridan offers more than 140 programs across five faculties. Find the program that's the best fit for you.

Not sure which program to take?

Try our online Idea Generator: In 5 easy steps, discover your career preferences and find a Sheridan program that could be a great fit.

You can also attend a Career Advising Workshop to help you narrow down your options, identify programs that fit your interests and goals, and explore career opportunities.

Step 2: Check the admission requirements

Admission requirements are displayed on each program page to help you find the requirements specific to your program of choice. In addition to the minimum College Eligibility requirements, you may also have to satisfy program-specific admission requirements. Learn more about admission requirements at Sheridan.

Admission requirements for mature students

Admission requirements for internationally trained individuals

Step 3: Apply online and pay the application fee

Canadian citizens and permanent residents:

Applications to Sheridan are made through ontariocolleges.ca. Go to the “Apply” section and complete and submit the application form. You'll need to pay an application fee to ontariocolleges.ca before Sheridan will receive your application.

You can choose up to three Sheridan programs on your application. Some of our programs are offered at more than one campus. If you're applying to one of those programs, you'll be asked to choose your campus.

Applicants who have prior education from outside of Canada will receive an email from ontariocolleges.ca advising them of next steps for credential assessment. If you have any questions, please call ontariocolleges.ca at 1-888-892-2228.

International applicants:

Apply today using our international application. Sheridan has its own in-house International Admissions team to process your application accurately and efficiently.

Sheridan students and recent graduates:

Apply through myStudentCentre: If you've recently been enrolled in a Sheridan program (since Fall 2021), you can apply directly to Sheridan through our internal application process on myStudentCentre. (Under Academics, select "Apply to a new Program" to get started.)

Step 4: Submit your documentation

  • If you're currently enrolled in high school: Advise your guidance office that you're applying to college. They'll send your transcripts (a record of your grades) to ontariocolleges.ca.
  • If you're not currently in high school and are enrolled at another Canadian college or university, or you are in the workforce and have a postsecondary credential: You're responsible for sending official copies of your transcripts to ontariocolleges.ca.
  • If you're currently in high school in another Canadian province: You need to send one (1) official transcript to ontariocolleges.ca.
  • If you're out of high school: You need to arrange with your last high school to have one (1) official transcript sent to ontariocolleges.ca. Depending on where you went to high school, you may be able to request your transcript electronically through the transcript request service at ontariocolleges.ca. If not, contact your last high school directly.
  • If you've attended an Ontario college or university: Order your official transcripts through the transcript request service at ontariocolleges.ca.
  • If you attended a college or university outside Ontario, but still in Canada: You must request that the institution you attended send an official transcript to ontariocolleges.ca.
  • If you have attended any educational institution outside of Canada: You'll need to have your credentials assessed either by World Education Services (WES) or ICAS Canada. Once you've applied, ontariocolleges.ca will advise you of next steps via email. Credential evaluation fees will apply. For more information, and a complete list of Sheridan programs and the credential evaluation that is recommended or required, please see: Credential Evaluation.

Step 5: Accept your offer

Sheridan may begin sending out offers of admission for the fall semester as early as November 1 each year. Offers of admission to programs with additional admission requirements (e.g., portfolios, auditions, etc.) are issued starting later in March.

You can check the status of your application by logging into the Sheridan Application Portal with your Sheridan username and password. (Under Admissions, select "Application Status.")

Once you've received your offer of admission, you're ready to confirm your offer.

Deadlines to secure your spot

To avoid losing your offer, make sure you:

  1. Accept your offer of admission by the deadline specified in your ontariocolleges.ca account, and
  2. Pay your fees by the Fee Deadline.

Contact information

Have a question? Our Contact Centre is only a phone call away: 905-845-9430, Option 4.

You can also email your questions to infosheridan@sheridancollege.ca. If you're an applicant or a current student, please use your Sheridan email account when contacting us, and include your Sheridan ID to help us confirm your identity.

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