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Frequently Asked Questions

General questions regarding pathways and credit transfer

  • Pathways are established routes students take within the postsecondary system that recognize previous learning and allow them to leverage their credentials when transferring from one program to another.

    Students who have partially or fully completed a credential with the required GPA (where required) can move from one program to another program at Sheridan, or another postsecondary institution. Program-to-program transfers may include, but are not limited to the following:

    • Certificate to Diploma
    • Diploma to Diploma
    • Diploma to Degree
    • Degree to Post-Graduate Certificate
    • Established transfer pathway or articulation agreement involving specific programs
  • Credit transfer allows Sheridan students to apply previously-acquired learning credits or workplace experience towards their current program of study.

    Here are the credit transfer options available:

    • Advanced Standing (credit for credit): the review and granting of credit for a previously-completed course from an approved recognized postsecondary institution (an external institution or organization that is a recognized member of a provincial, national or international accrediting body).
      • Students that have completed postsecondary level courses from approved institutions may apply to have their courses transferred.
      • Advanced Standing transcript designation: AS
      • May apply with IB and AP courses
    • Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) (challenge based on experience): a process which uses a variety of tools to help learners reflect on, identify, articulate and demonstrate past learning which has been acquired through work experience, unrecognized training, independent study, volunteer activities and hobbies, and which is not recognized through formal transfer of credit mechanisms.
      • Students with related work experience may apply to challenge a credit.
      • Students must demonstrate their knowledge through at least one of the following methods as shown on the course outline:
        • Challenge Exam
        • Interview
        • Portfolio
      • A number grade or S grade is entered on the transcript.
    • Sheridan to Sheridan credits (changing programs at Sheridan):
      • Students that change programs at Sheridan or start a new program where there is no specific pathway or articulation agreement may receive credit automatically (course equivalency) in their new program based on completed Sheridan courses. When this does not happen students may request a course substitution.
      • Course equivalency: a course that is considered equal in content as demonstrated through the learning outcomes to another course.
      • Course substitution: the granting of credits for previously-completed Sheridan courses with equivalent content.
    • Block Transfers: designation used to identify a series of courses which have been used to satisfy a transfer agreement. This designation excludes the courses from the calculation of the GPA.
      • Diploma to diploma: a group of credits granted based on an agreement.
      • Degree completion: a group of credits granted based on an agreement.
      • General elective to breadth elective: transfer of elective credit(s) from certificate/diploma level to degree level (often included in diploma to degree pathways).
  • If applying to Sheridan from another institution, you must declare all your previous institutions attended and request transcripts through your Ontario Colleges account. Students with international education will need to provide a WES Canada comprehensive evaluation to apply for Advanced Standing credits. For course-to-course transfers, official detailed course outlines will also be required at the time of application if courses have not previously been evaluated.

Still have questions or need help?

Contact us at: pathways@sheridancollege.ca
Visit: https://myotr.sheridancollege.ca/mypathways.html

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