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How to Pay Your Fees

Fee estimates

Estimated fees for full-time studies are available online for students attending an upcoming semester at Sheridan. Your fee estimate itemizes the fees charged for your program.

You must pay your fees by the deadlines noted on your fee estimate. Payment by the tuition deposit deadline will reserve your seat in your program and paying your fees in full by the applicable deadline will allow you to register in courses in subsequent semesters and receive final grades, transcripts and letters. If you have outstanding charges on your account, you won't be eligible to return to Sheridan until all amounts owed have been paid.

Paying your tuition deposit expresses your commitment to attend Sheridan. In turn, you will be liable to pay the full tuition and fees for the semester. If you decide not to attend Sheridan after paying your tuition deposit or declaring your intent to register, you will be required to formally withdraw by the applicable deadline.

You might not receive a fee estimate if you're on a work term, or if you're a part-time or out-of-sync student according to your program of study.

Where to find your fee estimate

  • Log in to myStudentCentre using your Sheridan username and password.
  • In the Finances section, select "View my Fee Estimate"
  • Select the fee estimate for the appropriate semester and click "View PDF"

Account summary

Your fee estimate is an estimate only and does not reflect actual charges placed on your account. To view your actual charges, check your account summary in myStudentCentre after your schedule is released and you've enrolled in classes.

You're responsible for regularly reviewing your account summary and making sure that all amounts owed to Sheridan (including deposits and instalments) are paid by the due dates indicated on your fee estimate and the Fee Deadlines page.

Where to find your account summary

  • Log in to myStudentCentre
  • In the Finances section, click "View Account Summary"
  • Select the appropriate semester
  • You can see a detailed breakdown of your account activity by clicking "View Account Detail"

Payment methods

Please allow 3–5 business days for your payment to reach Sheridan. Deadlines apply.

Online banking

  • Log in to your online account with your bank or financial institution
  • Add Sheridan to your list of Payees
  • Your account number is your nine-digit Sheridan Student ID Number
  • Retain the reference number of your transaction

In-person banking

  • Visit your local financial institution / bank branch
  • Inform the teller that you are making a payment to Sheridan College and present them with your nine-digit Sheridan Student ID Number
  • Retain a copy of your transaction receipt

CIBC's Student Pay Portal

CIBC Student Pay supports payments from all Sheridan students and allows you to pay at a preferred currency rate.

Visit cibc.sheridancollege.ca to see the payment options available to you.

New in Fall 2023: Domestic payments can now be made through CIBC's Student Pay Portal using Mastercard, Visa and direct debit.

At your campus

In-person payments are not accepted at any of Sheridan's campuses.

Where to find your receipt of payment

Once Sheridan receives the payment from your financial institution, it will be confirmed in myStudentCentre.

  • Log in to myStudentCentre using your Sheridan username and password
  • In the Finances section, open the drop-down menu, select "View my Receipts" and click (≫)

Academic fees and administration charges

View a breakdown of fees and administration charges.

Late fees

If you don't pay your fees by the date noted on your fee estimate, you'll receive a $150 late charge. Your enrolment in the planned and scheduled courses could also be impacted as space may no longer be available in all your required courses.

If, because of your late fee payment, you are not enrolled in all of your courses, but are still considered registered in a full-time course load, you will not be issued a refund of tuition and you will be required to pick up these courses at a later term at an additional cost to you. These courses are a requirement of your program for graduation and, in some cases, may only be offered in specific terms, making enrolment in these courses difficult.

There could be further impacts to your progress in the program, especially if the course missed is a pre- or co-requisite for a future course term enrolment. To avoid additional costs and complexity, please arrange to pay your fees by the deadlines. 

Withdrawals and refunds

Learn about program withdrawals and refunds

Questions about fees?

Please email studentfees@sheridancollege.ca or call 905-845-9430, ext. 2277.

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