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Sheridan ESL program testing information – iTEP Placement Plus Test

The iTEP Placement Plus Test is for students applying to the English Language Studies (ESL) program (PGASE) at Sheridan.

Why do I need to take this test?

You must take the iTEP Placement Plus Test to show us your English skills so that we can put you in the class that is right for you. Your placement test results will give us the right level for your English skills in Sheridan's English Language Studies program.

It is not about passing or failing. It is important to be honest when taking the test so that we can put you in the right class where you can succeed. Levels will not be changed.

What will the test include?

The test is 90 minutes long (including technical setup) and includes the following:

Subject Format Time limit


  • 15 questions

6 minutes


  • 6 short conversations with 1 multiple-choice question each
  • 2 medium listening passages with 3-4 questions each
  • 1 longer lecture with 5 multiple-choice questions

15 minutes


  • 10 questions

4 minutes


  • 2 short passages (approximately 120–160 words), each followed by 4 multiple-choice questions
  • 1 longer passage (450 words) followed by 6 multiple-choice questions

25 minutes


  • Part 1: Write a short note or letter (80–100 words), 5 minutes
  • Part 2: Write an essay defending your opinion on a topic (220–250 words), 20 minutes

25 minutes


  • Part 1: 45‑second response
  • Part 2: 60‑second response

5 minutes

Free practice test!

Try the iTEP Preview Test — this practice test will give you an overview of what the iTEP test structure looks like, but it is just a sample (it is not the real test).

How do I sign up to take the test?

  1. Visit the iTEP Placement Plus website.
  2. For "School Name," choose Sheridan College in the drop-down menu.
  3. Click "ADD TO CART."
  4. Verify your email address to proceed to checkout.
  5. Follow the instructions to pay. The cost is $24 USD. You can make your payment by credit card, PayPal, or Google Pay only.
  6. You will receive an email from iTEP within 24 hours of your payment. (Check your Spam/Junk email folders as well.) If you do not receive your test information from iTEP within 24 hours, please email info@iteponline.com for assistance.

Test details: Requirements, rules, and how to start the test

  • In order to take the iTEP Placement Plus test, you must have:

    • A desktop or laptop computer
    • A webcam
    • Headphones with a microphone
    • A good internet connection

    Accepted web browsers:

    • PC: Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, or Mozilla
    • Mac: Google Chrome or Mozilla

    Support for technical problems during the test:

    Problem: I am in the middle of my test and the power goes out.

    Restart your computer, go to the start page link and launch the test again.

    Problem: I can’t hear anything.

    Make sure your headphones are plugged in and the volume is turned up.

    Problem: The test stopped working.

    Restart your computer, go to the start page link, and try again. If that doesn’t work, email info@iteponline.com

    • DO NOT use other electronic devices (phone, tablet).
    • DO show your full face on camera.
    • DO make sure the microphone and camera are working before continuing with the test.

    If you do not follow the rules above, you may be disqualified. You will be required to purchase a new test to try again.

    Failure to follow the rules a second time will result in a permanent ban from Sheridan’s ESL program.

  • Follow these instructions at your scheduled test time:

    1. CLICK TO BEGIN and follow the Technical Checklist.
    2. When asked if there is a speaking section, click Yes.
    3. On the registration screen, enter your information and then click Next.
    4. On the next few screens, you will adjust the volume and learn about the structure of the test.
    5. On the Prepare to Start screen, click Next to start.
    6. Be ready to show GOVERNMENT-ISSUED PHOTO ID on the webcam (accepted forms of ID: driver’s licence, ID card, or passport).

When will I find out my test results?

After you complete your test, you will receive an email from Sheridan Admissions in 7–10 business days. This email will tell you your placement level in Sheridan's ESL program and provide you with your next steps. You will NOT receive a score report for your iTEP Placement Test.

If you do not receive an email from Sheridan Admissions after 10 business days, please email esladmissions@sheridancollege.ca

Note: You may be disqualified if you receive a low score and Sheridan Admissions is unable to place you at an appropriate level in the ESL program. In that case, you can take the test again after 3 months. It is recommended that you contact your local school board about English classes or register for LINC or ESL classes from the community before testing again.

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