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ESL Assessment

An ESL Placement Test may be required for students applying to PGASE - English Language Studies (ESL) at Sheridan.

The ESL test consists of 3 components: Listening, Reading Comprehension and Cloze test, and Writing:

Test component

Test details

Time limit

Listening comprehension

This computer based placement test measures the student’s ability to understand spoken English. The test is composed of two parts. In Part One, the student will hear 3 dialogues and Part Two consists of 2 longer listening passages. Each passage is followed by questions and a choice of numbers. The student will use a paper Answer sheet to indicate their answer.

30 minutes

Reading comprehension and Cloze test

This paper based test will measure the student’s proficiency in understanding written English. It is composed of three reading passages, each followed by questions.

The cloze test is a text with blanks to fill in. The student will choose their answer from the list of words.

50 minutes

Writing essay

This is a paper based writing assessment and the student will be able to choose one of two topics to write about.

30 minutes

Scheduling an appointment

Contact the ESL Department at eslprogram@sheridancollege.ca to schedule an appointment.

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