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A student playing the piano

2021–2022 Season

We are excited to share with you several projects in collaboration with the Honours Bachelor of Music Theatre Performance and Advanced Diploma in Technical Production for the Performing Arts Industry programs that will be presented over the new season.

Tickets will be on sale soon. Please continue to check back for more information.

  • Technical Advisor: Remington, North
    Head of Audio: Nick Vuckovic
    Head LX: Ada Evenden
    Head of Props: Steven Mazza
    Props Associate: Paunil Eugene
    Props Buyer: Jane MacLeod
    Head Scenic Artist: Denise Lisson
    Head Scenic Carpenter: Ryan Beale
    Head of Wardrobe: David Juby
    Wardrobe Associate: Katrina Carrier
    Production Manager: Jon Grosz
    Production Stage Manager: Dianne Woodrow
    Artistic Producer &
    Co-Program Coordinator of HBMTP:
    Jordan Laffrenier

  • HBMTP Co-Program Coordinator: Adam White
    Technical Production Program Coordinator: Sarah Zeilstra
    Associate Dean: Tania Senewiratne

  • 'Concord Floral' written on dark pink background.

    Concord Floral

    January 12–18, 2022

    Concord Floral is a beautiful ensemble piece that brings together the lives of 10 students as they move into adulthood.

  • 'Casimir & Caroline' written on teal background.

    Casimir & Caroline

    January 26–30, 2022

    A fresh adaptation of an already shockingly contemporary 1932 text opens on a flamboyant office party, where we meet employees and bosses attempting to survive the corporate and social hierarchy.

  • 'Dance Shows' written on purple background.

    Dance Shows

    February 21–28, 2022

    Two original dance pieces, choreographed by Shakeil Rollock and Natasha Powell.

  • 'Head Over Heels' written on red background.

    Head Over Heels

    May 13–18, 2022

    A joyous mashup adaptation of Sir Philip Sidney’s 16th Century prose pastoral romance Arcadia and the iconic music of the '80s all-female rock band The Go-Go’s.

  • 'Twelfth Night' written on navy background.

    Twelfth Night

    May 20–25, 2022

    A musical adaptation of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night. An empathetic, happiness-drenched and turned-upside-down Illyria, that celebrates and asks us to “see through the eyes of another, hear through the ears of somebody else.”

  • 'Happy End' written on blue background.

    Happy End

    May 27–June 1, 2022

    A play about music, capitalism, spiritual and gang-land armies, and theatre.

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