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First Drafts

First Drafts is a series of musicals that reimagine, reconstitute, and reanimate the Western “musical theatre canon” in a way that acknowledges the truth of where we are now and where we hope to go. First Drafts is grounded in an urgency to make space for stories that must be told now and must continue to be prioritized in our art form.

Each installment of the initiative supports three teams of writers/composers to generate 30 minutes of a new musical to be developed with and performed by Sheridan’s fourth-year students. This writing development program perfectly encapsulates Sheridan’s dual interest in training exceptional musical theatre performers, and using our resources to create an engine for producing a more diverse canon of work, one that speaks to the issues we’re facing presently, and represents the stories of the next generation.

  • First Drafts (2023)

    Titles: Nobody Asked to be Here, Rooted: A Musical Poem, Kensington: The Musical

  • Tiny Tenement of Terrors (2022)

    After 57 days in stasis, Aubry and 10 of Brooklyn's finest cops must return to her dead boyfriend’s spore-infested apartment to destroy the multitude of plant-monsters he created.

    By Aaron Jan & Alaska B.

  • Destination: Wedding! (2022)

    In the midst of a tropical storm, a couple must let go of their best laid wedding plans and trust that their love will find a way through the storm.

    By Kodie Rollan, Jennifer Villaverde and Maria Aragon

  • Parkdale (2022)

    Welcome to 110 Parkdale Ave, the last subsidized low rise building in the neighbourhood. It's special, but you can’t tell that from the outside.

    By Chris Tsujiuchi and Meghan Swaby

  • The Last Broadcast (2021)

    It’s Monday morning at 11 a.m. and The Beat is live. These ladies are talking news, politics and pop culture and they are not pulling punches.

    By Britta Johnson

  • Out of Stock (2021)

    In the musical world of Sing, Story, Sing, musical theatre archetypes wake up every day and dutifully head to their jobs: to play characters in different musical stories.

    By Kevin Wong

  • Joseph Jacket Multi Mask (2021)

    The nurses are tired. They want to go home but they can't. At the nursing home is Joseph — Old Joe. He is an incredible dreamer, but his head gets hurt and he can't dream no more.

    By Niall McNeil & Anton Lipovetsky

  • In the Darkness Show Me the Stars (2021)

    In the Darkness Show Me the Stars is a deep look into the moments of four young lives living through 2020. They are joined only by the wishes they whisper to the stars.

    By Twin Flames

  • To Ronnie, With Love (2021)

    When you have a life like Ronnie's, you wouldn't wish for it to change at all. Inspired by Stephen Sondheim and George Furth’s Company, To Ronnie, With Love picks up on similar themes of love and societal pressure.

    By Dante Green

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