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Internationally Trained Individuals

Credential Assessment

If you've attended an educational institution outside of Canada, you'll need to provide a Credential Assessment Report from one of the following organizations when you apply to Sheridan:

Depending on the program(s) you’re applying to, one service may be preferred over the other.

It takes time for the evaluation to be processed. Please plan accordingly when applying.

If you're a domestic applicant, when you apply at ontariocolleges.ca they will provide you with information on how to obtain an evaluation.

If you already have a Credential Assessment Report issued by one of the organizations above, you can contact them directly to have Sheridan added as a recipient (WES) or have the evaluation sent to ontariocolleges.ca (WES or ICAS). Original academic documents, transcripts or evaluations sent to Sheridan will not be sent or returned to applicants, their families or any agents acting on behalf of applicants.

  • A comprehensive evaluation gives Sheridan a full assessment of the academic work you've completed, including all courses, grades and completion dates. Some Sheridan programs have specific admission requirements, such as arts, maths and sciences. A general assessment doesn't provide detailed information about what you've successfully completed. Offers to our programs are given to the most qualified applicants, and grades are also used to rank applicants for the purpose of offers and waitlists.

    If you wish to apply for Advanced Standing for courses already completed at another institution, Sheridan requires a course-by-course evaluation in order to determine eligibility for Advanced Standing. General assessment evaluations are not eligible for Advanced Standing until you provide Sheridan with an upgraded comprehensive assessment. Course outlines and translations may be required.

  • A general assessment can be used for admission to some certificate and diploma programs that require completion of an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) or equivalent, plus the required English course or English equivalency as posted on the program page. A general assessment may also be used for some graduate programs as listed below.

    If you submit a general assessment when applying to a program that requires other courses such as math and science, you'll be required to submit your transcripts for courses completed within Canada, or you may be required to complete additional testing in the subjects to demonstrate proficiency. Testing fees will be required for each test that is written. Current test details are found on Sheridan's Assessment Centre page.

The list below indicates which evaluation is required for admission to each program offered at Sheridan.

Note: CBC/COMP = course-by-course/comprehensive

PAMFM Advanced Manufacturing Management   x
PASEM Advanced Special Effects Makeup, Prosthetics and Props   x
PADAC Advertising – Account Management   x
PADMK Advertising and Marketing Communications x  
PAMCM Advertising and Marketing Communications – Management x  
PANCR Animal Care   x
PBAAA Animation, Honours Bachelor of   x
PACRE Applied Creativity and Innovation x  
PATCN Architectural Technician   x
PARTY Architectural Technology   x
PARTF Art Fundamentals x  
PBAHS Athletic Therapy, Honours Bachelor of Applied Health Sciences   x
PBUSA /PBUFI /PBUHR /PBUMK /PBUSS /PBUSP Business (Accounting /Finance /Marketing /HR /General)   x *
Business Administration (Accounting /Finance /Marketing /HR)   x *
PBACC /PBBAF /PBBAM /PBHRM /PBSCM Business Administration, Honours Bachelor of (Accounting /Finance /Marketing /HR /Supply Chain)   x
PBAPM Business Analysis and Process Management   x
PCETY Chemical Engineering Technology   x
PCETE Chemical Engineering Technology – Environmental   x
PCLTN Chemical Laboratory Technician   x
PCYCD Child and Youth Care x  
PCKNS Clinical Kinesiology   x
PCRSH Clinical Research   x
PCAJS Community and Justice Services x  
PBCMS Community Safety, Honours Bachelor of   x
PCANM Computer Animation x  
PCPEN Computer Engineering Technician   x
PCPET Computer Engineering Technology   x
PCPRG Computer Programming   x
PBACS Computer Science (Mobile Computing), Honours Bachelor of – including degree completions   x
PBCPCC /PBCPDA /PBCPGE /PBCPMV /PBCPNN Computer Science, Honours Bachelor of (specialties in Cloud Computing /Data Analytics /Game Engineering /Modelling, Simulation & Visualization /Network Engineering) – including degree completions   x
PSITC Computer Systems Technician – Information Technology Infrastructure and Services   x
PSISC Computer Systems Technology – Information Systems Engineering   x
PCSSC Computer Systems Technology – Software Development and Network Engineering (Co-op)   x
PBCRDC /PBCRDD /PBCRDF /PBCRDG /PBCRDI /PBCRDT Craft and Design, Honours Bachelor of (specialties in Ceramics /Furniture /Glass /Industrial Design /Textiles /Multidisciplinary) – including degree completions   x
PCRIM Creative Industries Management   x
PBCWP Creative Writing and Publishing, Honours Bachelor of   x
PCDCA Digital Creature Animation – Technical Direction x  
PDIGP Digital Product Design x  
PECED Early Childhood Education x  
PECEI Early Childhood Education – Intensive   x
PBECB Early Childhood Leadership, Honours Bachelor of (Degree Completion)   x
PCESD Educational Support x  
PEDSI Educational Support – Intensive   x
PETEN Electrical Engineering Technician   x
PBENE Electrical Engineering, Honours Bachelor of Engineering – including degree completions   x
PETEQ Electrical Techniques x  
PELTN Electromechanical Engineering Technician   x
PEMTY Electromechanical Engineering Technology   x
PEETN Electronics Engineering Technician   x
PELTY Electronics Engineering Technology   x
PENCT Environmental Control   x
PENST Environmental Technician   x
PBXDN Experiential Design, Honours Bachelor of   x
PBFTV Film and Television, Honours Bachelor of   x
PBGDS Game Design, Honours Bachelor of   x
PGDAP Game Development – Advanced Programming   x
PGLDS Game Level Design x  
PGASU General Arts and Science – University Profile x  
PGAUC General Arts and Science – University Profile (Certificate) x  
PGASE English Language Studies (ESL) x  
PHRMC Human Resources Management   x
PBAAI Illustration, Honours Bachelor of   x
PBAIS Information Sciences (Cyber Security), Honours Bachelor of – including degree completions   x
PBIDS Interaction Design, Honours Bachelor of   x
PINME Interactive Media Management   x
PINDE Interior Decorating x  
PBAID Interior Design, Honours Bachelor of   x
PINBM International Business Management   x
PICTC Internet Communications Technology (Co-op)   x
PIOTM Internet of Things and Machine Intelligence x  
PIPAP Investigation ‐ Public and Private x  
PJRNL Journalism x  
PBHSK Kinesiology and Health Promotion, Honours Bachelor of Health Sciences   x
PMMCA Makeup for Media and Creative Arts x  
PMKMC Marketing Management   x
PMETN Mechanical Engineering Technician   x
PMETD Mechanical Engineering Technician – Design   x
PMETY Mechanical Engineering Technology   x
PMEDD Mechanical Engineering Technology – Design   x
PBENM Mechanical Engineering, Honours Bachelor of Engineering – including degree completions   x
PMTTM Mechanical Technician – CNC & Precision Machining x  
PLUMB Mechanical Techniques – Plumbing x  
PMTTD Mechanical Techniques – CNC & Precision Machining x  
PMDAF Media Fundamentals x  
PMSFS Music Scoring for Screen and Stage   x
PBAMT Music Theatre Performance, Honours Bachelor of   x
PBNSG Nursing, Honours Bachelor of Science   x
POFAE Office Administration – Executive x  
POAHS Office Administration – Health Services x  
PBHSO Osteopathy, Honours Bachelor of Science   x
PARAL Paralegal x  
PPAPN Performing Arts – Preparation x  
PPSWK Personal Support Worker x  
PPHTO Pharmacy Technician   x
PBAAP Photography, Honours Bachelor of   x
PLUMN Plumbing Technician   x
PPOLF Police Foundations x  
PPNSG Practical Nursing   x
PPHSS Pre-Health Sciences Pathway to Advanced Diplomas and Degrees x  
PPACG Professional Accounting   x
PPRJM Project Management   x
PPRCC Public Relations – Corporate Communications x  
PQUAS Quality Assurance – Manufacturing and Management   x
PRGAF Regulatory Affairs   x
PBSCD Social and Community Development, Honours Bachelor of   x
PSSWK Social Service Worker x  
PSSWG Social Service Worker – Gerontology x  
PTESL Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL Plus) x  
PTPPA Technical Production for the Performing Arts Industry x  
PTECH Technology Fundamentals x  
PTADS Theatre and Drama Studies   x
PURBN Urban Design   x
PVETT Veterinary Technician   x
PCVAT Visual and Creative Arts x  
PCVAD Visual and Creative Arts – Advanced x  
PVEFF Visual Effects x  
PVMAS Visual Merchandising Arts x  
PWLFT Welding and Fabrication Technician   x
PWLDT Welding Techniques x  

* For Business diplomas, you can submit a general evaluation and be sent for mathematics testing for admissions purposes.

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