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Industry and Community Partners

Benefits of an innovation partnership with Sheridan

A partnership with Sheridan can help industry and community partners mitigate some of the risks and costs associated with innovation and growth. We match you with talented, highly skilled student and faculty researchers to work on research, development and innovation activities that help you become more productive and competitive. We can also help request government funding where appropriate.

Funding options for research and evaluation

How to get started on a research project at Sheridan

If you need our help to solve a challenge or have a great research idea on which our students, faculty and staff might be interested in collaborating, please get in touch. Alternatively, you can complete the Industry and Community Partner Collaboration Inquiry Form and a representative from the Generator Support Office (formerly Sheridan Research Office) will be in touch with you to assess the opportunity. If no appropriate match is found with Sheridan researchers, we’ll be happy to help refer you to additional resources within our extensive network, including other colleges.

Length of a typical applied research project

Most applied research projects have a fixed duration (established at the start of the project) and span anywhere from a couple of months through to several years depending on the complexity and the nature of the grant award, not including proposal development time. Non-funded student capstone projects are typically 14 weeks in length.

Your role as a research partner

Industry and community partners are expected to be active participants throughout the research process to help ensure the success of the project. Depending on the scope and requirements of the project and funder, industry/community partners may be asked to contribute in-kind services (e.g. staff time to work with the research team) and/or monetary support.

Helpful Resources

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