Intellectual Property

Sheridan’s primary goal in introducing a new Intellectual Property Policy is to support and encourage innovation and creativity at Sheridan.

This new IP Policy will apply to all Members of Sheridan as defined in the Policy: "employees, students, volunteers, consultants, contractors, visitors, and any other persons at Sheridan."

Information for students

Intellectual property (IP) is defined as legal protection for a wide range of creations, from artwork to inventions to computer applications and more.

IP is relevant to you because, during your time here, you will likely be involved in the creation of many original works, either through the course of your normal studies or through involvement in research and capstone projects, often with industry partners.

Sheridan’s IP Policy protects your right to own any work you create or help to develop in the course of your time at Sheridan. Click on the links below to learn more about the steps you might need to take to protect your IP in different situations.

Information for employees

Sheridan’s new IP Policy was created to streamline our approach to IP at Sheridan, protect the rights of IP creators, and further stimulate a culture of innovation and creativity.

Learn more about how this new policy directly affects you in your role at Sheridan:

Information for external and industry partners

Contact information

For any questions about intellectual property at Sheridan, please contact us by email:

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