Public Safety


School of Public Safety programs prepare students for careers in community safety, including policing, investigations, security, institutional and community-based correctional systems, licensed paralegal to provide legal services and emergency management. Our programs include diplomas in Police Foundations, Community and Justice Services, Paralegal and Investigations – Public and Private, as well as a post-graduate certificate in Emergency Management. We are committed to equipping students with the tools they need to address community safety concerns beyond traditional organizational, professional, and social boundaries in order to promote effective and sustainable solutions that build safe and secure communities.


Lee Weare
Associate Dean

Alanna Guerin
Academic Portfolio Administrator

Jessica McLean
Program Coordinator – Police Foundations

Paul Hommersen
Program Coordinator – Community and Justice Services

Danielle Weddepohl
Program Coordinator –Investigation: Public and Private 

Netta Romano
Program Coordinator- Paralegal

Our Faculty

Jessica McLean

Jessica McLean

Professor and Program Coordinator, Police Foundations program 

Danielle Weddephol

Danielle  Weddepohl

Program Coordinator and Professor, Investigations- Public &  Private program

Netta Romano

Netta  Romano

Program Coordinator and Professor, Paralegal program

Paul Hommersen

Paul  Hommersen

Professor and Program Coordinator, Bachelor of Community Safety

Lee Weare

Lee  Weare

Associate Dean, Public Safety

Associate Dean, School of Public Safety