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Angela Rosati

Dr Angela Rosati


Faculty of Applied Health & Community Studies


Angie has a PhD in Education from York University and has been a Professor of Early Childhood Education for 15 years. Angie’s professional work focuses on translating the neuroscience of behaviour and development for educators and the community at large as a means to providing a neuroscientific lens on practice and policy regarding children. Angie’s research examines how early relationships wire neurophysiological systems that impact behaviour and human development over the lifespan. In addition to her teaching and research activities, Angie has delivered keynotes and workshops to educators, parents, and community members at home and abroad on the topics of Self-Regulation, Humanity and Education, Neurophysiology of Behaviour, and Finding Calm.

Angie has been interested in the impact of the early schooling experience on the developmental pathways of children for over two decades. Based on her MA research in Educational Psychology, Angie received funding from the Government of Canada to develop instructional videos for parents and early childhood educators on the importance of the early years to subsequent development. Since that time, Angie has written feature articles for Education Today and her research is published in the Journal of Early Childhood Education. Angie has presented on the neurophysiological roots of challenging child behaviour at the International Conference on Thinking and AERA and was recently invited to record a podcast on the neuroscience of self-regulation for VoicEd radio.

Angie has received formal recognition for excellence in teaching from both the University of Western Ontario and Sheridan College.

Research Interests

  • Angie’s research focuses on how early relationships wire neurophysiological systems and impact behaviour and human development over the lifespan.


  • Rosati, A., Santrock, J., Deater -Deckard, K., Rachel, L., Jamie, P. (2022). Child Development. Toronto,: McGraw Hill.

Conference Presentations

Journal Articles

  • Rosati, A., Lynch, J. (2022). Professional Learning on the Neuroscience of Challenging Child Behaviour: Effects on Early Childhood Educators' Beliefs and Practices .Journal of Early Childhood Education .


  • "Rethinking Child Behaviour as a Neurophysiological Phenomenon: The Impact on Educator Beliefs and Practices, Relationships with Students, and Professional Stress". Sheridan College. SRCA. $10,000. 2018.
    Angela Rosati (Principle Investigator), John Smith (Principle Investigator), Abdul Mohammed, Becky Smith.

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