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Simon Hood

Simon Hood


Faculty of Applied Science & Technology


Simon Hood began teaching in Sheridan’s School of Applied Computing in the Faculty of Applied Science and Technology in 2011.

He completed a bachelor of distributed programming (with honours) as a double major with a three-year diploma in wireless telecommunication, and received his master’s degree in computer science at the University of Guelph in 2010. He is currently close to completing his sixth certificate.

Simon was a researcher and programming lead on the United Nations Environment Programme Global Environment Monitoring System (GEMStat) Loading Estimate Module, where he created an expert system to calculate the amount of particulate and dissolved material present in rivers and streams around the world based on the amount and frequency of measurement data available.

His current research focuses on a machine learning algorithm designed to solve multi-objective optimization problems, though he has also published work on the combinatorial optimization problem known as the Longest-Coil-in-the-Box.

Simon has provided web development support for a number of charitable organizations, including VIEWS, Zenzele, and South African Women for Women.

Simon has also taught at Humber College, and now teaches full-time at Sheridan. His research and experience with optimization techniques and machine learning algorithms assist his curriculum and course development projects for a number of Sheridan’s programs, and he is passionate about teaching courses related to computer programming and software development as a language agnostic.

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