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Reza Ushaksaraei

Dr. Reza Ushaksaraei


Faculty of Applied Science & Technology


Dr. Reza Ushaksaraei, Ph.D., P.Eng.

Dr. Reza Ushaksaraei obtained his PhD in the field of structural engineering and engineering mechanics from the civil engineering department at McMaster University in 2003. For his PhD, and later as a research associate at McMaster University, he used advanced mathematics and plasticity equations to formulate constitutive models for simulating the non-linear behaviour of materials such as soil, rock, reinforced concrete and masonry under static and dynamic loadings. He also incorporated these models into commercial finite element software to perform numerical simulations of response of structures and their foundations under different loading scenarios, such as earthquake loads.

Reza has worked on numerous research projects for Hydro-Quebec, and has consulted for the private sector in Canada, the U.K., and Singapore, mainly in the field of engineering software development incorporating the non-linear constitutive models. He has been a professional engineer registered by Professional Engineers of Ontario (PEO) since 2005.

Reza has many years of experience teaching in the civil engineering department and Bachelor of Technology program (BTech) at McMaster University. He has been a lecturer for the BTech four-year program and the BTech degree completion program. He has taught courses such as Engineering Mechanics (Dynamics), Structural Mechanics (Strength of Materials), Geotechnical Engineering I and II, Inspection, Repair and Maintenance of Reinforced Concrete Structures, Structural Analysis, and Physics. He was the course developer for some of these courses.

At Sheridan College, Reza has taught Statics, Math Applications and Strength of Materials for the Faculty of Applied Science & Technology.

Reza obtained his BEng and MEng in civil and structural engineering from Tehran University in Iran. Before coming to Canada, he was a faculty member in the civil engineering department at Tehran University for one year and then Gilan University, in the north of Iran, for seven years. At the same time, he was a professional engineer registered by the Iranian Society of Civil Engineers (ISCE). He designed and inspected the construction of a number of steel structures for multi-story apartment buildings for private clients in the north of Iran. He also served as the manager of the publishing department of Gilan University for more than a year.

Teaching Interests

  • Civil Engineering/Structural Engineering/Engineering Mechanics/Mathematics/Physics
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