Qing Wang

Qing Wang

Qing Wang


Faculty of Applied Science & Technology


Qing Wang holds a Bachelor of Engineering in Architecture from Tianjin University, and a Master’s of Engineering and PhD in Architecture from the University of Tokyo.

Following two years of postdoctoral fellowship research at the University of Tokyo, she worked for three years as a researcher for the Ministry of Health and Welfare of Japan. Qing’s research focused on facility planning and design theories with an interdisciplinary approach, which include the research of senior living environments, and the history of housing and lifestyles, especially in terms of a comparative culture study between China and Japan.

Qing collaborated to set up a health-care environmental design guidelines website for the public and collaborated on a book entitled Facility Environment Assessment Manual, Hospital Section.

Qing’s extensive professional experience includes two years as a designer at Kajima Cooperation, working on the Chiba Patios Housing Project and other condominium projects. She also worked for a variety of architecture firms and general contractors. Qing also worked for the Japan-China Association for Building and Housing Industry in their development of various architectural projects to support international collaboration between the two countries.

After immigrating to Canada and before joining Sheridan, Qing worked for the Region of Peel as a planner intern with the Environment, Transportation, and Planning Services Department in 2008.

She currently teaches studio and history courses in the school of Architectural Technology at Sheridan College.

Research Interests

  • Her research interests involve the study of environmental design.
  • She has published academic papers on PaPER (People and the Physical Environment Research) and MERA (Man-Environment Research Association).
  • As an educator, she also collaborated on a university textbook of Environment and Behavior.
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