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Support for Students

Sexual Violence Response Specialist

The Sexual Violence Response Specialist serves as a confidential resource for members of the Sheridan community impacted by Sexual Violence, and accepts disclosures in a manner that ensures confidentiality, well-being and safety.

The Sexual Violence Response Specialist is available during business hours, from Monday to Friday.

The SVRS may assist members of the Sheridan community by:

  • Reviewing safety resources on- and off-campus and create safety plans;
  • Providing detailed information about legal options and reporting to local police services;
  • Reviewing on-campus investigation procedures, even when the survivors chooses not to make a report to the police;
  • Providing information and/or referrals to specialized off-campus resources;
  • Ensuring coordination of supports and communication among various departments as required and with the express consent of the survivor; and
  • Assisting students with accessing on-campus resources including referrals to:
    • Counselling Services for confidential mental health and emotional support;
    • Health Services for on-campus medical services;
    • Accessible Learning for accommodation;
    • Campus Security for safety concerns on campus and for SafeWalk;
    • Residence contacts; and
    • SRRO for formal complaints or questions about the investigation process.
  • Assisting the survivor with access to off-campuses resources including referrals to:
    • Medical services for off-campus medical services;
    • Local police services; and
    • Counselling services off campus for confidential mental health and emotional support.

Campus Security

For after-hours on-campus support, please contact Campus Security at 905-815-4044, or use the emergency phones located both inside and outside on each campus.

Counselling Services

Free and confidential counselling sessions are available to all Sheridan students. Connect with a counsellor if you are feeling overwhelmed, stressed or just want to talk to someone. A counsellor can take a disclosure and connect you to on or off-campus supports. You can meet with a counsellor either by phone or video call.

Wellness and Counselling is located in Student Affairs:

  • Trafalgar Road Campus: Room B104; Phone: 905-845-9430, x2557
  • Davis Campus: Room B230; Phone: 905-459-7533, x5400
  • Hazel McCallion Campus: Check in at the Welcome Desk; Phone: 905-459-7533, x2528

Health Centre

The Health Centre provides students with on-campus health supports and will ensure medical safety, which can include but is not limited to pregnancy tests, provision of “Plan B”, STI testing and medical assessment. The Health Centre can also make referrals to other services as required, both on- and off-campus.

  • Trafalgar Road Campus: Room B129; Phone: 905-845-9430, x2550
  • Davis Campus: Room C210; Phone: 905-459-7753, x5153
  • Hazel McCallion Campus: Room A147: 905-845-9430, x5375

View Health Centre hours of operation

Student Rights and Responsibilities Office (SRRO)

SRRO responds to reports of sexual violence involving students. Students can visit/contact SRRO if they:

  • Are unsure if they would like to proceed with a formal complaint;
  • Would like to review their options;
  • Have questions; or
  • Would like to file a formal complaint during business hours.

Students who would like to speak with an SRRO staff member can do so by attending the SRRO during business hours within the Centres for Student Success at:

  • Trafalgar Road Campus: Room B104; Phone: 905-845-9430, x2557
  • Davis Campus: Room B230; Phone: 905-459-7533, x5400
  • Hazel McCallion Campus: Room A247; Phone: 905-459-7533, x2528

Students may also contact SRRO by email at

SRRO can also make referrals to other on-campus supports as required, including Accessible Learning for accommodations.


If you're a student in Residence, support through Residence Life Staff is available 24/7. They can help you connect with the appropriate resources and supports.

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