SCAET building at Sheridan's Trafalgar Road Campus

Sexual Violence Response Specialist

The Sexual Violence Response Specialist (SVRS) is a central point of contact and support for all Sheridan students, faculty and staff who have experienced or been affected by sexual violence.

The Sexual Violence Response Specialist is available during business hours from Monday to Friday:

The Sexual Violence Response Specialist is here to help with the following:

  • Receive disclosures in a manner that ensures well-being and safety, is respectful of the agency and dignity of Sheridan community members, and maintains confidentiality as set out in Sheridan's Sexual Violence Policy.
  • Review safety resources on and off campus and help facilitate safety plans.
  • Ensure coordination of accommodations, supports and communication among various departments as required and with the consent of the person seeking services.
  • Provide detailed information about reporting options and processes within Sheridan, including how to access interim measures and/or to initiate a complaint.
  • Provide information and/or referrals to specialized off-campus resources, including for counselling, mental health, medical and/or police services.
  • Act as a liaison and provide support to survivors who make a complaint under the Sexual Violence Policy.
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