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Processing Fees

When submitting an access request either to general records or for access to, or correction of, your own personal information under FIPPA, you are required by law to pay a $5 fee. There is no waiver for this fee even if the record cannot be released or does not exist.

In addition, there are fees authorized by FIPPA (Regulation 460) that you will be asked to cover for searching, reproducing, severing and otherwise preparing a record for disclosure as outlined below:

photocopies and computer printouts


disks and CDs


manual searches of records

$7.50 for each 15 minutes spent by any person

preparing a record for disclosure, including severing part of a record

$7.50 for each 15 minutes spent by any person

developing a computer program or other method of producing a record for a machine-readable record

$15 for each 15 minutes spent by any person

costs, including computer costs, incurred to locate, retrieve, process, and copy record(s) as specified in an actual invoice received by Sheridan

actual costs

Note: the above additional fees do not apply if the request is for a correction to your own personal information.

Sheridan will provide the requestor with a fee estimate should the estimated costs exceed $25. Sheridan will require the requestor to pay 50% of the total estimated fee if it is $100 or more before completing the search and processing of records outlined in an access request. Sheridan will provide you with enough information about your request for you to decide whether to proceed with the deposit and the rest of the search.

Upon completion of the records search and processing, Sheridan will require you to pay all outstanding fees before releasing the records.

You may request for the above fees to be waived; however Sheridan may only consider the factors as outlined in FIPPA subsection 57(4). The burden is on the requestor to demonstrate their case for a fee waiver.

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