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Policy Management

For a current list of all Sheridan administrative and academic policies, please visit Sheridan's Policy Management Server.

Rajan Sandhu, General Counsel.

The Administrative Policy Committee was established and operates as a sub-committee of Executive Committee which is also known as “APC”. The APC reviews and recommends for approval to Executive Committee's administrative and operational policies that are not required to be approved by the Board of Governors.

The main duties of APC are to:

  1. conduct a comprehensive review of existing policies
  2. assign or re-assign ownership of policies and existing policies (where required/appropriate)
  3. establish a policy review schedule that will prioritize the policies to be reviewed in a given academic year
  4. liaise with Executive to ensure alignment throughout Sheridan
  5. assist with the formulation of new policies that are brought forward by a Sheridan Responsible Executive/Office, with appended draft procedures, where practicable
  6. identify new policies that are required and assign ownership for those policies that have not yet been developed
  7. recommend administrative policies for approval to President’s Council

The APC meets monthly and more frequently if determined necessary by the Chair. The APC does not hold regularly scheduled meetings during July and August.

For further information, please refer to the Terms of Reference.

Click on the document to access the current Policy and Procedure template.

Contact Information:

Rajan Sandhu, General Counsel

Saeed Walji, Senior Policy Analyst

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