Make Choices

Compare and Evaluate Your Options

You're not just choosing a school program, you are choosing a career. Most important is that your career (and the education that leads to it) should be a good reflection of who you are. Avoid ending up in a career or school program where you have to change too much of yourself.

These resources will provide some options for a structured approach to career decision-making and educational planning.

  • Our own free Career Planning Micro-Course, is a self-directed course to walk you through the career planning, includes downloadable modules and videos. Module 4 is dedicated to evaluating options and setting goals.
  • The Choice Questionnaire, part of the Career Decision Making Difficulties site, is useful when you have it narrowed down to a few options but need to compare and decide which is most suitable.

Used some of our online career planning tools and looking for someone to speak with?

Current students (and grads!) can meet with a Career Counsellor:

  • current full-time students and grads of full-time programs
  • continuing education students

Notice to Users: This page has been developed by a Career Counsellor to offer self-directed resources but it is not intended to provide comprehensive advice, or to replace professional guidance.

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