Updates on study permits and Provincial Attestation Letters (PALs) for international students

Plan Your Career

  • Career Cruising

    Career Cruising is an interactive career planning resource with detailed descriptions of what people do in 600+ different Canadian occupations, as well as other career and educational planning tools.
  • Career Guides

    Created in collaboration with the Career Integrated Learning team, these guides will help you to create your resume, prepare for your interview, create your portfolio, search for a job in your field, and much more.
  • Career Planning Micro-Course

    This course walks you through all the way from self-assessment to career exploration to educational planning.
  • Generate Possibilities

    Find options you never thought of by exploring a broad range of careers. Use these resources to identify a variety of career possibilities.
  • Make Choices

    You're not just choosing a school program, you are choosing a career. Most important is that your career (and the education that leads to it) should be a good reflection of who you are.
  • Plan Education

    School is your route to a career so once you have an idea what kind of work you want to do, use these resources to find your school and program.
  • Career QuickTips

    A gateway to our picks for immediately-useful online resources for career exploration and educational planning.
  • Research Options

    Use these resources to make informed choices about what is involved in the career before you head too far down the road toward it.
  • Assess Yourself

    Our list of web sites to help you assess your career preferences.
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