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For External Researchers

External researchers wishing to conduct a survey as part of their research with Sheridan participants are required to first apply for and receive Sheridan REB approval prior to applying for institutional approval. Please note that although a project may receive initial Sheridan REB approval, it may not receive institutional approval.

REB Steps

  1. Review the Sheridan Human Participants Policy.
  2. Complete REB Application Form (see forms below).
  3. Complete Tri-Council Tutorial and provide certificate of completion. This is a requirement with your application. This tutorial may take two to five hours to complete.
  4. Provide all required supporting documentation (see below), if applicable.
  5. Submit an original signed hard copy of the REB Application Form to the Sheridan Research Office, Room J103h at the Sheridan Trafalgar Campus, 1430 Trafalgar Road, Oakville Ontario, L6H 2L1.
  6. Also email your signed application (with supporting documentation and includes all necessary signatures) to sreb@sheridancollege.ca.

Application Forms

  • Multi-site REB Application Form: Projects may involve research at numerous locations, not all owned and operated by Sheridan. For projects that are conducted at Sheridan and another college participating in the Multi-site REB coordination program, a single Multi-site Form may be completed in exchange for the conventional ethics application. In cases where research is conducted at other colleges, universities, or external businesses that do not belong to the Multi-site initiative, separate ethics approval applications are required for each site.

Other Documentation That May Be Required As Per Application

  • Letter of Support from Academic Supervisor (if applicable)
  • Liability Waiver (if applicable)
  • Evidence of REB approval from other institutions and/or agencies where this research is being conducted (if applicable)
  • Letter(s) of support from collaborating agencies/institutions/companies (if applicable)


If you wish to conduct a survey, you will need to contact Dean Langan in Institutional Research to complete a form. This form is to include:

  • The name of the Sponsor(s) managing or overseeing the survey;
  • The purpose of the survey (topic, objectives, issues to be addressed, etc.);
  • The target population and intended sample size;
  • How the survey will be administered and the recruitment approach to be used;
  • Planned timelines;
  • Frequency of the survey (e.g. will it be a one-time survey or administered on a cycle?);
  • The personal information to be collected and how this data will be used, disclosed, and protected;
  • How survey data will be used, how the results will be communicated, and how the data will be retained;
  • A copy of the survey instrument;
  • Where the survey involves an external party, the identification of an internal Sponsor and a copy of letters of agreement and/or data usage agreements, where applicable;
  • A copy of the application and a letter of approval from the Sheridan Research Ethics Board.

*Assessment of the request will be considered by the Survey Review Committee*

To assist you in your request, please review Sheridan's Administration of Surveys Policy and Administration of Surveys Procedure.

On Completion of Research

For successful applicants, on completion of your research you will receive a reminder email to send a brief conclusion report. Please use this link to complete and send your final report: Project Conclusion Form.

For more information

Contact the Sheridan Research Ethics Board

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