Students in Engineering Sciences learn to apply engineering principles, methods, and techniques to conceive, design, implement, and operate (CDIO) value-added engineering products, processes, and systems.

Our programs embrace project-based learning opportunities, working with real-world challenges and local industry partners. In fact, we have partnered with Siemens Technik Akademie Berlin to deliver the Siemens Mechatronics Systems Certification Program, a comprehensive industry skill certification.

We offer a range of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering programs suited to the many interests of our mechanical and electrical engineering students.


2020 Vision Conference

Associate Dean, Amjed Majeed, and Professor Hooman Nabovati of the School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Technology are proud to be presenting at The 2020 Vision of the Future Conference in Brantford on February 20th. This is a STEAM event for high school students who will be exposed to various technologies and ideas, then asked to imagine what 2050 and beyond might look like.

Almost 600 students will participate in two workshops offered by local colleges and universities as well as a science fiction writer, industry and business representatives presenting cool stuff such as wearable technology, robotics, electric vehicles, and more. Many disciplines and subject areas are covered. The keynote speaker ( is a futurist, among other things.

We're pleased to offer a workshop on Mechatronics and Engineering Systems. Through a hands-on activity, students will learn fundamental concepts and applications of different proximity sensors in mechatronic systems, including photoelectric, inductive and capacitive sensors.

The Brantford campus of Wilfrid Laurier University and the Sanderson Performing Arts Centre co-host this event.

2020 Skills Sheridan

Skills Sheridan Competition 2020 is March 4th!

Sheridan Skills is an annual event that engages our students in a day-long skills competition. Where this exciting new tradition began in Skilled Trades, we are now seeing it expand to include other FAST schools and Sheridan College as a whole.

Competitors will work through one discipline-specific challenge to compete for cash prizes AND bragging rights. If you've ever wanted to test your skills and knowledge, this competition is for you!

2019 Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Capstone event

A Capstone Project is built into the curriculum of a student's final year of their program and requires them to draw upon the cumulative knowledge and skills they've learned throughout their post secondary studies. The students form teams and work to develop a solution to a real-world business problem. Sometimes this comes from an actual industry or community partner who benefits from the student's ingenuity, creativity and problem-solving abilities.

In December, these projects were judged during the annual Showcase event in which the students display and present their Capstone project. Mechanical, Electromechanical, Design & Drafting and Electrical Engineering (CET & EET) programs were represented, for a total of 30 teams, and judges expressed how impressed they were with the professionalism, knowledge and skills of the students, and quality of work.

Engineering degrees to meet market needs

Sheridan's School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Technology is proud to be working with the first cohort of Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical Engineering) students, and eagerly anticipating the launch of the Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical Engineering) in September 2020. With our engineering degrees, our goal is to prepare students for the evolving needs of industry.

Administrators & Advisors

Dr Amjed Majeed
Associate Dean
Ext: 5077
Office: C264

Ana Antonio
Academic Portfolio Administrator
Ext: 8087
Office: C264

Maria De Sousa
Program Support Specialist
Ext: 5110
Office: C264

Dr Joaquin Moran
Academic Adviser
Mechanical Cluster Programs
Ext: 5112
Office: C264

Dr Jon Berge
Academic Adviser
Computer Engineering & Electronics Engineering
Ext: 5539
Office: C264

Dr Ramin Ghalati
Math Adviser
Ext: 5446
Office: C264


Dr Weijing Ma
Coordinator, Computer Engineering
Ext: 5619
Office: C264

Dr Hooman Nabovati
Coordinator, Electronics Engineering
Ext: 4501
Office: C274

Dr Srinivas Ganapathyraju
Coordinator, Electromechanical Engineering
Ext: 5014
Office: C264

Aravind Venkatapathy
Coordinator, Mechanical Engineering Technology–Design & Drafting
Ext: 5013
Office: C264

Dr Lewis Mununga
Coordinator, Mechanical Engineering
Ext: 5463
Office: C264

Dr Mozammel Khan, PEng
Coordinator, Quality Assurance (Post Grad)
Ext: 5174
Office: C264

Dr Marisela Strocchia
Coordinator, Manufacturing Management (Post Grad)
Ext: 2310
Office: C264

Dr Amjed Majeed and Dr Andy Al Alubaidy
Applied Research and Industry Project Coordinators - Ext: 5077 - Ext: 5524
Office: C264

Dr Amjed Majeed
Siemens Mechatronics Coordinator
Ext: 5077
Office: C264

Dr Jon Berge
Student Success Coordinator
Ext: 5539
Office: C264