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Asia Majeed


Faculty of Applied Science & Technology


In the realm of mathematics education, Asia Majeed stands as a dedicated visionary, committed to reshaping the landscape of learning. With an unwavering passion for instilling profound comprehension and mastery of mathematical concepts, Asia Majeed has crafted an educational approach centered on fostering relational understanding and conceptual prowess.

Rejecting the notion of rote memorization and rigid procedures, [Your Name] champions a teaching philosophy that empowers students to construct robust mental frameworks, enabling them to tackle diverse mathematical challenges with confidence and ingenuity. Through a blend of hands-on exploration, collaborative problem-solving, and stimulating discourse, Asia Majeed cultivates an environment where learners not only excel but also develop flexible problem-solving strategies that transcend the confines of the classroom.

Driven by the belief that mathematics is not just a subject to be learned but a language to be understood and embraced, Asia Majeed endeavors to nurture a genuine love for the discipline in every student. By equipping them with the tools to apply their mathematical knowledge in real-world contexts, Asia Majeed aims to inspire a new generation of thinkers capable of navigating and shaping the world through the lens of mathematics.

Teaching Interests

  • Building thinking classrooms.

Research Interests

  • College mathematics, Numeracy and Financial Numeracy
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