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Susanna Spektor

Susanna Spektor


Pilon School of Business


Susanna is a Professor of Mathematics and Statistics at Sheridan College. She received her PhD from the Department of Mathematics at the University of Alberta. She has a MSc degree in Finance and MSc degree in Education.


Throughout her teaching career, she has had the opportunity to interact with students at all stages of life, from grade school to college, university and post-degree, both in classroom and one-on-one settings. The insights she gained into how students learn have helped make her the teacher that she is.

In her experience, the three biggest obstacles to learning are a student’s belief that math is boring, math is impossible, or math is irrelevant. Therefore, her teaching philosophy is threefold.

Make subject interesting: She brings excitement and a storyline to her classes, using energy and enthusiasm to teach ideas while guiding students along a path where each new concept a natural consequence of the previous and a natural precursor to the following.

Make subject possible: She reminds her students that while a problem may be long, they have all the tools needed to solve it.

Make subject relevant: There always a student that asks, “When will I ever need this?” not believing that the knowledge of mathematics will be of any use beyond the course final. To respond, she stresses that mathematics does have a profound impact our daily lives and provides real life examples where mathematics is used.

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