Shady Hana

Shady Hana


Pilon School of Business

Dr. Hana has a solid academic background built on double Doctorate degrees and an MBA with a focus in Human Resources Management. Shady also holds dual bachelor degrees in Hotels and People Management. He produced a doctoral dissertation on “training and development impact on employees retention and organizational profitability.”

Combined with professional work experience, where he steered challenging national and international organizational development, Change Management, and human resources management projects, Shady has worked in several leadership positions and capacities to streamline business results through a pragmatic approach to various human resources management functions. Shady also has over two decades worth of HRM, Business, and Management teaching across several schools of business and educational institutes. A portion of Dr. Hana’s Experience originates form his role as a Founder and principal consultant of own HRM & Business consulting firm.

CHRP, CHRL, CPHRC, CT, PCA, PCCP, and CLA are among the professional designations/Certifications he has earned in recognition of his Competencies mastery.

Community leadership is a significant part of Dr. Hana’s passion. Shady has chaired on the board of HRPA- Peel Region for several years; leading several portfolios, projects and initiatives. Within PSB he volunteers as the Human Resources Students Association Advisor supporting the professional growth of students through a multitude of HRM-related student events and activities (HRM Students Conference, HRM Professional Associations Day, Mock Interviews, Training Projects, case competitions and more).

At Sheridan, Dr. Hana holds several roles: a professor in the Pilon School of Business, teaching across all HRM programs (Diploma, Advanced Diploma, Grad Cert., and Degree); a Senator; and a SRCA standing Committee member, supporting Sheridan Academic and Research Planning activities.

Shady is also a Local 244 Shop Steward-OPSEU in Solidarity supporting all Faculty bargaining unit members as part of the local union executive committee.

Within PSB, Dr. Hana is a LAC and Research & Partnerships Committee member, supporting and advancing the Academic and research planning and agenda advancement.

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