Noel Quinn

Noel Quinn


Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences

Noel Quinn has been studying and researching aquatic and wetland species throughout his undergraduate and graduate career.  His PhD area is Integrative Biology, which incorporates an interdisciplinary approach utilizing areas of physics and chemistry to answer biological/ecological questions, namely the role of the physical environment in facilitating the spread of invasive species in the Great Lakes.


  • BSc. (Guelph)
  • MSc. (Waterloo)
  • PhD. (Guelph)


  • Quinn, N.P. and J.D. Ackerman. 2012. Biological and ecological mechanisms for overcoming sperm limitation in invasive dreissenid mussels.  Aquatic Science 74: 415-425.
  • Quinn, N.P. and J.D. Ackerman. 2011. The effect of near-bed turbulence on the external fertilization of broadcast spawning bivalves. Limnology and Oceanography: Fluids and Environments 1: 176-193.
  • Warner, B.G., T. Asada, and N. Quinn. 2007. Seasonal differences in the ecology of testate amoebae (Protozoa) in a small Sphagnum peatland in Southern Ontario. Microbial Ecology 54: 91-100.
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