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Christine R Trosztmer

Christine R Trosztmer


Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences


Professor Christine Trosztmer is a lifelong learner who has earned a master’s degree in psychology and recently a second master's degree in applied neuroscience, as well as bachelor degrees in the fields of: Computer Studies, Cultural Studies, Psychology, English Literature and in 2013 – Nursing. When not teaching at Sheridan College or attending school herself, she may be teaching the occasional first aid and CPR course, coaching horseback riding, working with a riding for the disabled program, teaching scuba diving or counselling in her private practise.  On her own time, she can very frequently be found at the barn with the horses, kayaking in Georgian Bay, scuba diving, reading, running or just relaxing quietly.

At Sheridan, Christine has taught a number of courses including: Human Relations, Maladaptive Behaviour, Principles of Psychology, Psychology-Core Concepts and Maladaptive Behaviour, as well as working on proposals for other courses relating to Social Psychology. As might be guessed from her various degrees though, she has extremely diverse interests and curiosities.  She has been heard saying that if she lives to a thousand, she may be able to learn all that she is curious about, but she doubts it would be enough time because she would develop even more interests.  Her motto is “Reach for the stars, the moon and the sky, because even if you can’t grab them, you may catch something interesting on your way down.

Christine is published in two peer reviewed journals; Canadian Journal of Urology, “The Experiences of Men Receiving Androgen Deprivation Treatment for Prostate Cancer: A Qualitative Study” and Sexualities, “Experiences of Transwomen with Hormone Therapy”.  She does research on her own for fun as well as writing short stories.  In the future she is hoping to complete her PhD in psychology examining how stress affects the thinking and learning functions of introvert and extrovert individuals, as well as incorporating her hobby interests of scuba diving and horses into a therapeutic system to treat stress, anxiety, depression as well as their sequela of substance abuse and family discord.

Research Interests

  • Cognitive psychology, especially the areas of learning, memory and stress
  • Social psychology involving human relations
  • Industrial psychology, especially Retention of Nurses
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