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Dr. V. Heather  Fritzley

Victoria Heather Fritzley


Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences


Dr. V. Heather Fritzley is a Psychology professor in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences (FHASS) at Sheridan College. Dr. Fritzley received her doctorate in social psychology from Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario. Her research interests include the effect of various questioning techniques on young children’s responses and young children’s eyewitness abilities. She teaches a variety of psychology courses, including introductory psychology, social psychology, personality psychology, forensic psychology, the psychology of cults, the psychology of prejudice, and the psychology of good and evil. Dr. Fritzley believes very strongly in the quest for knowledge and strives to help her students achieve success during their time at Sheridan. She was nominated for TVO’s Best Lecturer Award in 2010 and was nominated for and won Sheridan’s Transformative Learning Award in 2019.

Teaching Interests

  • Introductory Psychology, Social Psychology, Personality Psychology, Forensic Psychology, Psychology of Prejudice, Psychology of Cults, Psychology of Good and Evil

Research Interests

  • Examining children's ability to answer various types of questions in a non-biased manner

Book Chapters

  • Fritzley, V., Okanda, M., Itakura, S., Lee, K., Siegal, M., Surian, L. (2011). Children's Responses to Yes-No Questions. In Access to Language and Cognitive Development. Oxford University Press.


  • Fritzley, V., Ciccarelli, S., White, J., Harrigan, T. (2016). <em>Psychology: An Exploration</em>. Toronto, Canada: Pearson Education Ltd.

  • Fritzley, V., Ciccarelli, S., White, J., Harrigan, T. (2012). <em>Psychology</em>. Toronto, Canada: Pearson Education Ltd.

  • Fritzley, V., Baron, R., Branscombe, N., Byrne, D. (2011). <em>Mastering Social Psychology</em>. Toronto, Canada: Pearson Education Ltd.

  • Fritzley, V., Ciccarelli, S., Harrigan, T. (2010). <em>Psychology</em>. Toronto, Canada: Pearson Education Ltd.

Conference Presentations

  • Fritzley, V. (2020-02-27). Reducing student anxiety and increasing student engagement by changing the delivery mode of group presentations. Annual Meeting of the International Society for the Social Studies. Orlando, The United States.

Journal Articles

  • Fritzley, V., Lindsay, R., Lee, K. (2013). Young children's response tendencies toward yes-no questions concerning actions.Child Development, 84(2), 711-725.

  • Fritzley, V., Lee, K. (2003). Do young children always say yes to yes-no questions? A metadevelopmental study of affirmation bias.Child Development, 74(5), 1297 - 1313.

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