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Shannon Pirie

Shannon Pirie


Faculty of Applied Science & Technology


From early 2021 to early 2023, Shannon Pirie was Associate Dean for the Schools of Architectural Technology and Applied Chemical and Environmental Sciences. She has since returned to her role as Professor and Research Coordinator for the School of Architectural Technology. 

After completing her Bachelor of Architecture at Carleton University, Shannon continued her academic evolution earning her Post-professional Masters of Architecture at McGill University in Minimum Cost Housing, then her PhD at the Université de Montréal where she defended her dissertation on Architectural Devices and the Idea of Home in 2015.  

Shannon’s experience in higher education has been widespread. Having previously been a lecturer at McGill, and now with 14+ years at Sheridan as a Professor and 7+ years as the Architectural Technology Research Coordinator, Shannon has a breadth of knowledge delivering a practical and theoretical knowledge-base. As Research Coordinator, Shannon is frequently applying for, and receiving, research grants, most recently a cross-disciplinary SSHRC Explore Grant to study supportive housing and Passive House with Dr. Bethany Osborne and an inaugural Growth Grant to support a design-build of Passive House 1:1 wall sections. With a particular interest in innovative and creative teaching methodologies, Shannon has hosted the Creative Campus Design Talks, a lecture series featuring expert guest speakers delivering engaging and informative content around Architectural Technology, Design, Building Science, Creativity, Urban Design, and Technical Innovation. Prior to returning to her studies, Shannon worked as a Designer and Project Manager in Chicago with projects ranging from corporate interiors to emergency power generators. Shannon prides herself on her ability to learn from a diverse and multifaceted experience in architecture, knowing that the broader her knowledge, the better she can meet the various needs of her students. 

Shannon embraces inventive approaches to disseminate knowledge and strives to deliver an experiential education drawing from real-life examples. She has championed Architecture Week, which has become a yearly and highly anticipated week of experiential learning activities for all ArchTech students. Shannon also conceptualized the All-School Design Charrette - an intensive collaborative planning session which has become a mainstay of the Architectural Technology program - an activity that engages over 400 students in the same project. With a focus on creativity and empathy, Shannon is continually looking for activities that will open students' minds to new ways of thinking around building technologies and bring real-world experiences to their day-to-day education. She is engaged, innovative and loves a positive, can-do mindset!

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