Jacqueline Vandertuin

Jacqueline Vandertuin


Faculty of Applied Health & Community Studies


Jackie is a professor in the school of Athletic Therapy in the Faculty of Applied Health and Community Studies, at Sheridan College. She received her Diploma of Sport Injury Management from Sheridan College, Bachelor of Physical Education from Acadia University and thesis-based Masters in Sport Medicine from the University of Calgary focusing on the use of braces for individuals with tricompartmental osteoarthritis and anterior cruciate ligament deficiency using both kinetic and kinematic data.  Jackie has taught Athletic Therapy/Kinesiology courses at Mount Royal College, Acadia University, and Dalhousie University before beginning her career at Sheridan College.  She has been a member of Canadian Athletic Therapists’ Association serving on numerous committees such as CBoCAT, ERC, PAC and the Research Foundation as well as serving as past president of the Atlantic Provinces Athletic Therapy Association.  Jackie has conducted research in the area of ACL deficiency and brace use as well as knowledge levels of pain relieving medication among Student Athletic Therapists and athletes.

Conference Presentations

  • Vandertuin, J. (2020-05-23). Student Athletic Therapists and their knowledge levels of opioid use and misuse. Canadian Athletic Therapists Association. Hamilton, Canada.

  • Vandertuin, J. (2010-10-23). Functional knee braces for your athlete, are they worth it?. Sport Medicine Council of Nova Scotia. Halifax, Canada.

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  • Vandertuin, J., Maitland, M. (2001-05-26). Comparison of traditional knee bracing to the ankle foot orthosis for the symptomatic, ACL-deficient knee. Canadian Athletic Therapists Association. Kananaskis, Canada.

Journal Articles

  • Vandertuin, J., Abdulla, D., Lowther, S. (2021). Student Athletic Therapists knowledge of opioids and other pain-relieving medications.Athletic Training Education Journal, 16(2), 112-119.

  • Vandertuin, J., Abdulla, D., Lowther, S. (2020). Student Athletic Therapists' Knowledge Levels of Opioid Use and Misuse.Athletic Training & Sport Health Care, 12(3), 136-144.

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  • Vandertuin, J., Maitland, M. (2002). The effect of compressive clothing on muscular strength and endurance.Medicine & Science Sports Exercise, 34(5), S173.

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