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Dalya Abdulla

Dalya Abdulla


Faculty of Applied Health & Community Studies

Dr. Abdulla has a solid inter-disciplinary background in the Life and Natural Sciences with a Master’s of Science degree in Mathematics and a Doctorate of Philosophy degree in Pharmacology from Dalhousie University. Dr. Abdulla has also completed post-doctoral training at the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences from the University of Toronto. She has a strong teaching background with a vast experience teaching Mathematics and Pharmacology courses across various programs at the Faculty of Applied Health and Community Studies (FACHCS). Prior to her appointment at Sheridan College, she worked in the pharmaceutical industry as a Biopharmaceutics Scientist and therefore brings a plethora of experiences to the classroom based on both academia and industry. Dr. Abdulla has a special interest in teaching mixed, hybrid, and online courses and specifically developing curriculum based on the course delivery method. Dr. Abdulla is a member of the Sheridan Research Ethics Board and has an exceptional research background in applied science. The main research areas she is interested in include online learning, curriculum development, natural health product usage, and pharmacology.

Selected publications

  • Abdulla D. Attitudes of College Students Enrolled in 2-Year Health Care Programs Towards Online Learning. Computers & Education. 2012; 59: 1215–1223.
  • Abdulla D, Goralski KB, Renton KW. The regulation of cytochrome P450 2E1 during LPS-induced inflammation in the rat. Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology. 2006; 216(1):1-10.
  • Abdulla D, Goralski KB, Del Busto Cano EG, Renton KW. The signal transduction pathways involved in hepatic cytochrome P450 regulation in the rat during a lipopolysaccharide-induced model of central nervous system inflammation. Drug Metabolism and Disposition. 2005; 33(10):1521-31.
  • Goralski KB, Abdulla D, Sinal CJ, Arsenault A, Renton KW. Toll-like receptor-4 regulation of hepatic Cyp3a11 metabolism in a mouse model of LPS-induced CNS inflammation. American Journal of Physiology – Gastrointestinal and Liver Physiology. 2005; 289(3):G434-43.
  • Abdulla D, Renton KW. Beta-adrenergic receptor modulation of the LPS-mediated depression in CYP1A activity in astrocytes. Biochemical Pharmacology. 2005; 69(5):741-50.
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