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Foundation and General Programs

Take a first step without taking a leap

If you want to stay in school, or return to school, but you are not yet ready to make a long-term commitment to a career path, Foundation and General Arts & Science programs are one year certificates that allow you to take a start, experience college learning, and use that as a stepping stone toward further studies.

General Arts & Science (GAS) program

This program allows you to take an initial step in a general direction to try out related courses and build the proficiencies and confidence needed to succeed in postsecondary education.

  • General Arts & Science – University Profile - designed to build students’ academic and critical thinking skills. You'll get a taste of academic learning by taking a range of courses in the humanities and social & behavioural sciences, and develop analytical skills that will help you succeed in your future studies in a university. Some universities offer transfer credit for GAS-University Profile grads. This GAS profile is available as a one-year certificate or two-year diploma.

Foundation programs

These programs are a stepping stone to further deeper study in your field of interest. They introduce theory and practice to students who want to assess their talent, build a basic portfolio or skill set, and chart a course for further study.

  • Art Fundamentals -  A good first step toward animation, design, illustration, and many other programs in the visual arts. You'll get classical instruction in the fundamentals of arts such as: life drawing, painting, sculpture, two-dimensional drawing, and technical drawing. 
  • Media Fundamentals - Offers foundation curriculum in film, broadcasting, journalism and digital media. You’ll acquire basic skills and concepts in: web & computer technology, sound, camera, television & film production, media history, communications theory, and visual design
  • Performing Arts Preparation - Students gain first-hand experience in a wide range of disciplines, developing core skills that can help them advance to a more specialized performing arts program. You'll have the opportunity to: Improve your performing, auditioning and technical production skills; Learn to work collaboratively with other creative individuals; Display your talents and discover your strengths; clarify educational and career objectives
  • Technology Fundamentals - ideal if you are interested in science and technology, but are uncertain specifically which area is a fit for your future academic and career goals.  Through this program, you'll develop skills that equip you to enter into other college I.T., science and engineering technology, and skilled trades diploma or apprenticeship programs.
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