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Towing at Sheridan: frequently asked questions

Why was my vehicle towed?

Vehicles are towed and impounded for the following reasons:

  • Vehicles that have 2 or more outstanding and unpaid parking tickets;
  • Vehicles displaying a lost, stolen, or tampered permit;
  • Vehicles deemed abandoned;
  • Vehicles parked in a fire lane;
  • Vehicles parked in a manner that creates nuisance, hazard and/or obstructs traffic.

How do I retrieve my vehicle?

To retrieve your vehicle, you must call the towing company in order to be informed on the retrieval process. The towing company’s phone number is indicated on the towing signages located around the campuses. Alternatively, below is the information on the towing companies used at the Oakville and Brampton campuses:

Campus Towing Company Contact Information Compound/Yard Location
Oakville Halton Roadside Assistance 289-319-2125 1141 Speers Rd
Oakville, ON  L6L 2X5
Brampton Hansen Automotive & Towing 1-800-876-7097 236 Rutherford Rd. South
Brampton, ON L6W 3J6

What are the towing fees?

Brampton towing fees:

Towing Fee Light duty – $250.00 (+ tax)
Medium duty – $350.00 (+ tax)
Heavy duty – $500.00 (+ tax)
Storage fee per calendar day $60.00 (+ tax)
Administration Fee $50.00 (+ tax)
Environmental Fee $10.00 (+ tax)
Drop Fee Light duty – $250.00 (+ tax)
Medium duty – $350.00 (+ tax)
Heavy duty – $500.00 (+ tax)

Oakville towing fees:

Towing Fee $250.00 (+ tax)
Storage fee per calendar day $60.00 (+ tax)
After-hours pick-up (after 5 p.m.) $60.00 (+ tax)
Drop Fee $175.00 (+ tax)

Towing fees are subject to change without notice depending on the yearly by-law rates.

What happens if I don’t pay for my outstanding parking tickets?

Failure to pay for outstanding parking tickets will continue to put your vehicle on the towing eligibility list. It is advised that parking tickets are paid or appealed on time in order to avoid being towed.

Payment for parking tickets can be made online at epark.sheridancollege.ca or by visiting the parking office at Trafalgar (Bookstore – lower level), Davis (C206), or HMC (B376).

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