Sasipriya Arun


Sasipriya Arun


  • Bachelor of Engineering (Electronics and Communication)
  • Master of Science (Software Engineering)


  • Software developer working in Telecom/Networking/Medical domain involving projects in various technologies and platforms for 5 + years
  • Professor with experience in a variety of courses in programming, database design and implementation, data structures, web design, Operation systems, Computer architecture, Cloud architecture.
  • Capstone supervisor for Mobile computing degree and SDNE diploma programs
  • Course lead for Java programming course, curriculum development for Java
  • Principal investigator in the Centre for Applied AI (formerly known as the Centre for Mobile Innovation) for Cloud DX project
  • Tech chair for the Skills Ontario Cloud computing contest

Contributions to research

  • Principle investigator for CloudDX project and involved in design and implementation of Mobile/Web and Hololens components of the application.
  • Involved in various demonstrations of the project to industry leaders and research stakeholders.

Selected publications

  • Co-authored : MiVitals–Mixed Reality Interface for Vitals Monitoring: A HoloLens based Prototype for Healthcare Practices
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