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Policies & Expectations for Employers

Policies Agreement & Partnership Principles

The Co-operative Education and Internship Policies Agreement ensures consistency and quality of program delivery, foundational values upon which the reputation of Sheridan’s Co-operative Education and Internship programs are built.

There are many partners in the Co-operative Education and Internship Programs at Sheridan, including students, employers, and the Co-operative Education and Internship Office (CEIO). The success of the program relies upon all parties understanding their responsibilities.

The policies that outline the obligations and expectations required of these three parties are described in the Sheridan Cooperative Education Policies Agreement. It is each participant’s responsibility to become familiar with and adhere to these established policies and procedures.

Every effort is made by the CEIO to ensure students have a positive learning experience while on the work term. Sometimes industry trends and employer demands shape posting and placement activity. The CEIO must respond accordingly and so must students’ expectations. Learning comes in many different forms and it is sometimes a requirement to adjust one’s expectations given market and employer requirements.

Employer accessibility toolkit

Learn about the barriers students and alumni face while seeking employment and placement opportunities and how to support them.

Download Sheridan's employer accessibility toolkit

If you require this material in an accessible format or with communication supports, please contact: trafalgar.als@sheridancollege.ca.

The Employer

To increase the student’s productivity and facilitate learning, it is recommended that employers:

  • Advise the students with regards to all issues of confidentiality in the workplace and ensure that any non-disclosure agreements are signed prior to the commencement of work
  • Prepare the student’s co-workers and other staff for the arrival of the student.
  • Provide the student with an orientation to the workplace, including an overview of the organization (e.g. mission statement, products, etc.), physical layout, relevant personnel, safety practices, and the duties or tasks expected during the work term
  • Provide a supervisor for the co-op/internship student who will oversee the student’s work and discuss expectations for the work term with the student and, on a regular basis, give the student feedback on how he/she is doing, including areas of strength and areas which require improvement

The Co-operative Education and Internship Office

  • Provides the delivery and evaluation of Co-op and Internship preparatory and work term curricula
  • Develops job opportunities and secures potential employers
  • Arranges recruiting interviews for co-op and internship students
  • Provides professional career guidance to students
  • Maintains co-op and internship student records
  • Monitors co-op and internship work terms by visiting or telephoning students and employers on the job
  • Works with the co-op and internship students before, during and after their work terms to help maximize the students’ whole education/career experience

CEIO at Sheridan involves a competitive employment process. While CEIO makes every effort to assist students in gaining employment, there is no guarantee that every student will become employed through the co-op/internship employment process. CEIO is responsible for the review and approval of Co-op/Internship job postings, but CEIO does not assume responsibility for endorsing the companies.

The Academic School

The Academic Department is responsible for all academic components of the Co-op or Degree program. A CEIO Student Advisor works closely with each Academic Program Coordinator to ensure standards are established and relevant information is shared.

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