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Victory Nkweti Khan

Victory Nkweti Khan

Faculty of Applied Science & Technology

Degree: Manufacturing Management

Year of graduation: 2010

Envisioning a New Life in Canada

Victory is an Energy Auditor/Student Mentor with Sheridan’s Energy Team. His team conducts energy assessments for companies to help them reduce energy usage and become more profitable. Born in Cameroon, Victory was trained as a physicist and engineer in the nuclear energy sector.

What led you to Sheridan?

When I landed in Canada in November 2009, I knew it would take some time for me to get a job as a physicist or in the nuclear sector. I decided to apply my knowledge to the manufacturing and production field in Ontario. While searching online, I found Sheridan’s Manufacturing Management program which captivated me, so I wasted no time applying and by January 2010, I had received an admission offer.

What education and work experience did you bring to Canada?

In the mid-1990s, while I was still in secondary school in Cameroon, I envisioned my success overseas, but I wasn’t sure exactly where. I am now confident that Canada is the base where I will continue to create a successful life for myself.

I have spent most of my life in academic institutions. I received a Physics degree in 2003 from the University of Buea, Cameroon. I then obtained a Master’s degree in Physics three years later in Sweden. Unable to secure a PhD position, I left travelled to Belgium to study Mechanical Engineering in 2007. The subsequent year, I enrolled at the Belgian Higher Nuclear Education Network at the Center for Nuclear Research in Belgium (SCK.CEN) to study Nuclear Engineering, obtaining an internship in the Advanced Nuclear System Group.

Why does the sustainability sector interest you?

I joined the energy auditing team as a co-op student, and it soon became clear to me that this was a field in which to build a career. Following the co-op term, I accepted a contract to work with the team in January 2011. Companies and other institutions now realize that energy consumption can be better managed, to save costs and help them reduce their carbon footprint. The knowledge I gained about manufacturing processes and production management at Sheridan can be integrated into industrial energy audits. As well, my prior education gave me an understanding of electrical and mechanical aspects of a building which are key in this type of work. The sustainability sector overall also offers opportunities in energy management, as well as building construction and renovation.

What was been the most challenging aspect of your time at Sheridan?

Although I studied one of the most difficult subjects in university, I was challenged by the volume of assignments required in the Manufacturing Management program. I had to develop a mindset to deal with the assignments and learn to use the resources available to me. Learning this skill has equipped me well for my job today, as I regularly encounter new issues which involve extensive research.

Do you have family in Canada?

Since 1994, I have spent almost 80% of my time away from my immediate family. I have more than 20 friends I studied with in Cameroon, Sweden or Belgium who also immigrated to Canada and now live in Toronto. I have also developed a network of friends at Sheridan College. I always transform my surroundings to make my life as comfortable as possible.

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