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Premier's Awards: Current Nominees

Launched in 1992 to mark the 25th anniversary of Ontario colleges, the annual Premier’s Awards honour outstanding college graduates from Ontario’s 24 public colleges. The awards are presented annually in seven categories: Apprenticeship, Business, Community Services, Creative Arts and Design, Health Sciences, Recent Graduate and Technology. Each year, Sheridan is proud to nominate alumni who have achieved exceptional career success related to their college experience. The Premier’s Awards provide an opportunity to showcase and celebrate their achievements. 

Here are the 2022 nominees:

  • Akil McKenzie

    Akil McKenzie

    Bachelor of Film and Television ’18
    Category: Recent Graduate
  • Al Ramsay

    Al Ramsay

    Business Administration Marketing ’97
    Category: Business
  • Frank Falcone

    Frank Falcone

    Computer Animation ‘92
    Category: Creative Arts and Design
  • Hargurdeep Singh

    Hargurdeep Singh

    Mechanical Engineering Technology – Design and Drafting ’15
    Category: Technology
  • Kandise MacLeod

    Kandise MacLeod

    Welding Techniques ’11
    Category: Apprenticeship
  • Ravleen Kaur

    Ravleen Kaur

    Social Service Worker ’18
    Category: Community Services
  • Scott McCullough

    Scott McCullough

    Sports Injury Management ’95
    Category: Health Sciences
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