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Tracy Repchuk

Tracy Repchuk

Faculty of Applied Science & Technology

Degree: Business Computer Systems

Year of graduation: 1985

Tracy Repchuk has combined her tech and marketing skills to great success as a bestselling author and sought-after speaker specializing in complete online branded solutions and social media marketing.

She has been running her own business since she graduated from Sheridan almost 30 years ago when she started as a Toronto-based software developer before pursuing her interest in website development and internet marketing.

“It was my start at Sheridan that made me an entrepreneur for life,” says Tracy. “And my business advice is still relevant in today’s tough economic times. 

Following her first book’s success in 2007 (it launched to #1 on the day it released), Tracy received high-end internet marketing consulting requests from American companies and found it more cost-effective to operate from the United States. (She lives in Burbank. California.)

After winning the New Internet Marketing Success of the Year in 2007 at the World Internet Mega Summit, Tracy expanded her reach to the world stage as a keynote and platform speaker for internet marketing money making methods. She has since spoken in over 35 countries with clients in Fortune 500 companies and published her fifth book in August, 2013.

Among Tracy’s long list of media credits are appearances on national television programs in the United States, and in magazines and newspapers throughout North America. She has dispensed advice ranging from online business marketing, entrepreneurship, social media, to mobile and app development. In addition she is a motivational movie star appearing in 3 movies that are distributed worldwide.

“I love to share what I know with tens of thousands of people every week, including the struggles and problems I have encountered along the road. It’s often persistence and perseverance that pave the way to success.”


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