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Sukhbir Singh

Sheridan grad Sukhbir Singh

Degree: Computer Systems Technician - Software Engineering

Year of graduation: 2012

Navigating a New World

Sukhbir Singh faced many of the usual challenges associated with life as a first-year college student in 2010 - adjusting to a new environment, balancing his workload and managing living expenses. But Sukhbir encountered a few other obstacles as he entered Sheridan’s doors for the first time having come from India on a student visa.

“My life was totally changed,” recalls the Computer Systems Technology graduate who earned a degree in Computer Science in his home country. “Understanding English in so many different accents was tough. Plus the education style is different in Canada than in India. “Education in India puts more emphasis on the concept and theory of a subject, whereas the Canadian system takes a more hands-on approach, emphasizing the application of a concept,” Sukhbir explains

However, it didn’t take long for Sukhbir to make progress. “The teaching style here sparked my interest in my studies and the supportive nature of the professors helped me determine my goals,” says Sukhbir, now an EDI Consultant for Siemens Canada, where he completed his co-op placement and worked part-time during his last year at Sheridan. The day he graduated, Sukhbir was hired by the company as a full-time programmer.

It was the kind of opportunity that drew Sukhbir to this multi-cultural country to study, and he is keen to gain more skills that will further his career. “I am excited to spend the next few years learning more in the field of programming,” says Sukhbir. “It’s all because of the good base I received from Sheridan College. It was the best part of my life. I still miss some of those days.”
He is hopeful that many of Sheridan’s new international students will feel the same way in time. “My advice to those students is to stay confident. I know there are many adjustments you have to make, but don’t give up. Study hard to achieve your goals. Sheridan is there to support you.”

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