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Satender Rajian

Satender  Rajian

Pilon School of Business
Year of Graduation: 2010
Program: Office Administration - Executive

Follow your dream

As an international student, it was a dream come true to study at Sheridan. The energy and enthusiasm on campus were so positive, I decided to build my career here. Since 2011, I have worked at Sheridan, most recently as Financial Aid & Awards Information Specialist at the Davis Campus. I took on my current role a year ago, following three years in the International Centre as International Associate & Student Activity Specialist. The best part of working at Sheridan is having the chance to see my professors who prepared me for life long challenges and are a reminder of my student days. It feels great to remain part of Sheridan community.

Working in the Financial Aid office has made me realize the importance of the services we offer to the many students in need, including valuable information about internal and external bursary and scholarships. We also assist students – both domestic and international – with one of the most important aspects of living: budgeting. In 2015, I participated in the President’s Creative Challenge - Sheridan Without Borders, providing financial literacy to newcomers in Canada.

Back in my hometown in India, I was very much motivated by the Sheridan representatives who conducted a seminar about the college. Even after completing my Bachelor's degree in History and having a job offer in my hand, I decided to step out of my comfort zone and start life in Canada, armed with lots of hope. I realized that my skills are suited for the office environment so I enrolled in the Office Administration-Executive program. I arrived here at the end of October 2008 and was overwhelmed by the Canadian winter!

As a student, I worked as a Peer Mentor in the Sheridan Library and part time with the College’s food service, Chartwells. I utilized all the services offered on campus such as the Career Centre, to prepare myself for today’s job market. Having two part time jobs with a full course load was a challenge but I developed my multi-tasking abilities and reached my goal!

Over this time, I made up mind to stay and work in Canada. So I attained my Canadian residency, was joined by wife and soon we were blessed with a child.

The best advice I can give to students and new alumni is to follow your dream. Sheridan has all the tools to make it come true, if you are focused and want to be successful.

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