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Remy Fernandes

Sheridan grad Remy Fernandes

Faculty of Applied Science & Technology

Degree: Electronics Engineering Technician - Technology

Year of graduation: 1984

Remy Fernandes - Electronics Engineering Technology 1984

In many ways, Remy Fernandes’ story is emblematic of the immigrant experience in Canada. He arrived from India in 1981 at the age of 21, armed with a diploma in electrical engineering. Accepted into Sheridan, he essentially re-learned, in a Canadian context, what he had already studied, but with the added benefit of a hands-on approach. Over the next 24 years, Remy worked diligently, ultimately rising to the top of his profession. Despite the years of hard work, he has no regrets. “Canada is the land of opportunity if you are willing to work hard,” he says.

Remy was appointed President and CEO of Hydro One Brampton in 2010, the culmination of a steady progression through the ranks since he first joined the organization as a Systems Supervisor in 1991. Hydro One Brampton is responsible for the delivery of electricity to over 140,000 homes and businesses in Brampton.

From his starting position, Remy was promoted to Manager of GIS, then Manager of Engineering and Operations Services, before moving to the role of Vice-President, Engineering and Operations in 2008. Throughout this period, Remy also taught in Sheridan’s Faculty of Continuing Education (from 1984-2009), awarding for his long-standing service in 1990. “I loved teaching,” he says today. “It’s very rewarding and I would still be doing it if not for the demands of my current position.”

On top of his duties at Hydro One Brampton and Sheridan, Remy wrote and published (in 1986) a Computer Aided Drafting text and reference book that was used by engineering students in the Continuing Education division for several years. He also found time to earn his MBA at Queen’s University in 2008.

Remy continues to give back to Sheridan through his leadership role at Hydro One Brampton. In 2011, Hydro One Brampton launched an innovative Energy Audit partnership with the college. Teams of Sheridan students and faculty perform full energy assessments of local companies and identify opportunities to reduce energy usage. The assessment cost is covered through a provincial program, administered locally by Hydro One Brampton. “In addition to providing local businesses with a practical and affordable way to reduce their energy use and costs, the partnership creates real-world training for the next generation of energy management professionals,” says Remy.

Other organizations within the broader community of Brampton also benefit from Remy’s volunteer efforts. He is a board member of both the Brampton Safe City Association, and the William Osler Health System, and has led his employees in raising hundreds of thousands of dollars for local charitable causes.

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