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Rebekah Wilson

Sheridan grad Rebekah Wilson

Degree: Journalism - Print

Year of graduation: 2009

Grad’s first book explores Aboriginal roots

“I was 15 or 16 years old the first time I learned about my Métis Heritage” says Sheridan Journalism Alumna Rebekah Wilson (2009). “My grandma had gone through our family tree and found out about it.”

Since then, Rebekah has lost no time connecting to her roots, strengthening both her cultural identity and furthering her career in the process. Most recently - in early 2014 - she published her first book, “The Tiny Voyageur”. Based on a short story she wrote as a Sheridan student, the children’s book was illustrated by Rebekah’s father and fellow graduate Jeffrey Wilson (Media Arts, 1979). A grant from the Métis Nation of Ontario brought “The Tiny Voyageur” to life.

Another highlight of her life so far was her participation as a dancer in the 2010 Winter Olympics opening ceremonies, where she met other Métis and Aboriginal youth who were passionate about their culture. “Being able to share that with the world was such an incredible experience.”

Since 2010, Rebekah has been a GEN 7 Program Coordinator with Motivate Canada, in Ottawa where she runs an Aboriginal role model program helping youth develop their leadership skills. One of the most rewarding parts of her job is “interacting with the kids, and seeing how their lives have changed as they learn about their families, history and culture.”

Rebekah’s own family and the people in her hometown of Markdale are thrilled by her success, she says (Her mother Linda is also a Sheridan graduate - Canadian Nanny, 1979). “They’re very excited to see me turn a project that started out small into something that I am extremely proud of.”

What words of wisdom can she impart to grads trying to make their mark? “Believe in yourself; it’s gotten me so far in my ventures. Always be mindful of who your audience is because you never know what opportunities are waiting around the corner.” To that end, she’s already begun work on the second installment of what will hopefully become her ‘Tiny Voyageur’ series.

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